I’m excited that you’ve chosen to join me in the Renegade billionaire go-setting workshop. In this course, I’m going to walk you through setting your own billionaire part. How to build up your business to a multi-billion dollar business.

How to take your net worth from where it is right now into the stratosphere. Now, I’m excited because you’re somebody, taking this course that believes they got what it takes to build a large network. And, that’s the most important first step if you got to see it.

If you don’t see it, it’s tough. If you don’t believe you got what it takes, it’s hard. So that’s an essential first ingredient. Now, I didn’t set out to be a coach, a billionaire mindset coach.

I didn’t set out to be a guy teaching other people how they could become billionaires or super successful or any of that jazz. I was solving problems in my own life.

I had been laid off from a great job, and I had sacrificed so much for the job and for the company and things like that. I did not appreciate it. It was not valued. So what I decided was, okay, that’s cool, like, all right, I’m not needed here anymore.

I guess I’m on my own. And I was like, I know what I’m going to do. I’m going off and I’m going to build my billion-dollar corporation. And when I do, I’m not going to lay people off like that. I’m not going to fire people or lay people off, I will not be a douchebag. That was a big motivation for me to get out of the gates. Like, what am I doing with my life?

As I went along, of course. I realized that there were a lot of young people around me. My friends were trying to do a lot of similar things to me and many of them were stuck as I was or had been. And so I started teaching the lessons that I learned along the way.

And for a long time, I taught the billionaire retreat with some friends. I got some friends together. I shared with them some lessons. I’ve been learning for myself from studying the billionaires and Titans. How they do it, exactly what kind of business strategies they got.

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A lot of super valuable lessons. It’s hard for teachers that have not been in business for themselves or have not been entrepreneurs to teach this stuff. But now in this course, this is something much more batter included than the billionaire retreat.

In this course, we’re going to go through step by step. Everything you need to set a complete billion-dollar goal and to actually have the tools and go gain the tools to do that network. So I’m going to teach you a lot of systems that will help you. I’m going to teach you how to set your $58 billion vision. And there’s a difference between a vision and a goal. You’re going to learn about that. I’m going to teach you how to set your 50-year billion-dollar goal.

I’m going to teach you how to set your 20-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you how to set your ten-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you about the bold, sexy rewards that come along the way as you go about establishing your ten-year billion-dollar goal. Why that’s important, and how that helps you in your journey.

I’m going to teach you about your five-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you about your one-year billion-dollar goal. I’m also going to teach you about your ideal day, and how you actually go. You actually go about accomplishing this goal on a day-to-day basis to do your one-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you something I came up with that helps you to put the foundation.

The tools in place to make your castle practical. Build your actual billion-dollar network in a practical way instead of talking. And that’s something that I call the Ten Mutunhire Billionaire Math Game. And you’re going to learn about that and how to use it.

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I’m also going to teach you about habits, the mindsets. All these systems will help you build a practical multi-billionaire network. At the end of this course, I’m going to introduce you to somebody special.

That’s the billionaire version of yourself through a special exercise that we have at the end of the course. Now, don’t jump to the end of the course because if you haven’t done the mind work. You haven’t done all the homework. It will not help you much skipping to the end.

And trying to find out exactly how you unlock this billionaire version of yourself. You want to do all the work along the way and learn the lessons and practices because knowledge precedes net worth. So your mindset, your mentality, the skills that you learn, that’s always going to go ahead of whatever results that you’re trying to do in life.

So please go through the entire course step by step. Do the practical exercises and work because that’s what billionaires do. They do the work whilst everybody else is going for the shortcut. And the only houses that are going to stand in this kind of try are the ones that got foundations in them. That’s why you got to do all the practical exercises.

If you skip them, you might prolong the time it’s going to take you to get places towards where you want to go. But by taking this course, I Know you are somebody that takes action.

You believe that you’ve got what it takes to hit big success and play with the big boys and win. I love that. you got what it takes and you’re going to rush it. So I’m excited for you. Let’s begin. Hello.

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