Yes We Are Accepting Guest Posts!!! We Welcome All Guest Posters, Newbies And Experts Alike!

October 2020 Update

The fastest way to get early approval to post on the blog is to join our group on Facebook, and post a request to become an author, with your:

  • fullname
  • website
  • topics you want to write about
  • email address

Join the group here and submit your details:

Thanks to all current, past, and future contributors. We are now in the full process of making contributor posts the bulk of future content on this blog, so your contributions are as welcome as ever before!!! To your success!!!

*If you don’t receive your WordPress login credentials within 24 hours, please tag an admin in the Facebook group so we can get that sorted!

*This service is completely FREE!!!

*If you want to pay for a sponsored post instead, go here:

March 2020 Update

* Please read the “Instructions” and “Editorial Policy” sections below in full before sending us an email. We are extremely busy, and to provide guest posting for free, we require contributors to follow the streamlined process without sending emails. If you are an existing contributor to the site and have run into a site issue or other publishing problem, then feel free to email the editor ( All other prospects should follow the application process by filling out the application form. This saves all of us time and allows the site to operate properly. Thanks!

If you’ve ever earned a dime at a job or a business, then you pass the qualification threshold to guest post here: you know how to make money!

It doesn’t have to be making money online, but that’s our core theme at Towers Of Zeyron.

That said, I’ve been so frustrated at sites that expect every guest poster to know their theme as well as they, which is guaranteed to be a narrow circle.

So there are two broad categories of guest posts I will accept here (wait til the thought police sees this one!):

  1. Make Money Online

Examples Of How My Open Editorial Policy Helps You

So if you are a programmer and want to send me a technical post, that qualifies under #2 and I will publish it. I’m sure it will be valuable to someone on the internet who stumbles across Towers Of Zeyron.

If you are an unemployed bum living in California and want to protest that state’s unemployment benefits law, why YES, Towers Of Zeyron will publish your post too!

And in between all these, as you can see, anything else qualifies as long as it’s not:

  • Spammy
  • Racist
  • Offensive
  • Obviously prejudiced against other people or individuals

Any links to your own site should only be in an “About The Author” section at the end, and you can include up to 2 links to yourself there. Your site should not be inappropriate as defined above.

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Other than that, I give you carte blanche to guest post. If you can, also promote your post to your audience once it’s live.

I will typically review and publish guest posts wthin a few days, but allow up to 2 weeks to have contributions go live.

Please share this post to your social media so that we can reach more people and help as many people as possible.


Unlike sites that make it hard to guest post, at Towers Of Zeyron, we make it easy for anyone, newbies included, to contribute.

So before you ever waste your time writing for some high horse site, consider guest posting on Towers Of Zeyron. There are four steps you must follow:

  1. You agree that Towers Of Zeyron owns the copyright to all contributions, anything you post becomes the property of the site.
  2. Read the “Editorial Policy for Contributors” section below to see what kind of contributions and guest posts are acceptable for the site, and to get complete guidance on your post.
  3. Join the group here and submit your post requesting access to become an author on the site, please tag an admin in your post
  4. If successful, you will be approved ideally within 1-7 days, and you will receive credentials. Log in to the site and create your articles and contributions. After writing your post in our WordPress CMS, make sure to click “Publish” so it goes live. If you don’t see this option, get in touch in the Facebook group above so we can help out. Contributors can add new posts as often as they like. All contributions should abide by the editorial policy outlined below.


We accept posts that would be interesting to entrepreneurs in a variety of categories:

1. Self development (our favorite category)
2. Make money online
3. Investing and stock trading
4. Starting a business/entrepreneurship
5. Internet marketing/affiliate marketing/digital marketing

We also publish posts outside these topics because we are primarily a contributor-driven blog, so whatever floats your boat, write that, as long as it does not cross social norms of decency and appropriateness.

Make sure your post is at least 800 words long, the longer the better. If your post is over 2,000 words long, such as a long guide or other piece, we are much more likely to give it a fast track publishing.

Make sure to link to yourself only in an ” About The Author” section at the end of your posts. Other links may cause your posts to be classified, wrongly or rightly, as spam. To improve the chances of your author account remaining active on the site, adhere as strictly as possible to this rule. If you must include a link in the body of the post, make sure it is to your own site or email list, and not an affiliate or cloacked link as this creates problems for us.

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That’s it! Happy posting!!!


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NICHETOPIC + “guest blogger” NICHETOPIC + “write for us”
NICHETOPIC + “guest column” NICHETOPIC + “write for me”
NICHETOPIC + “guest article” NICHETOPIC + “become a contributor”
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EXAMPLE for “real estate marketing”

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More example topics, we accept posts across the range of human experience, professions, and activities:

  • personal development
  • entrepreneurship
  • financial markets
  • trading
  • economics
  • geopolitics
  • business
  • personal finance
  • lifestyle
  • travel
  • freelancing
  • humor
  • copywriting
  • digital marketing
  • marketing
  • internet marketing
  • offline marketing
  • guerilla marketing
  • PPC
  • SEM
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • conversion rate optimization
  • growth hacking
  • ecommerce
  • SEO
  • social media
  • advertising
  • cooking
  • crafts
  • DIY
  • gadgets
  • web development
  • technology
  • news
  • celebrity news
  • entertainment
  • gaming
  • and many others!

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  1. Hello!
    Would you be interested in a guest post on the topic “How to become a professional digital marketeer while still in college” ?
    Digital marketing is projected to become a trillion dollar industry in the upcoming years, so I believe people interested in marketing should start young.
    The post will be written by an experienced marketeer ,entrepreneur and growth hacking expert – Abhyank Srinet. You can view his profile here : You can check out his profile here:
    Do let me know if you are intersted 🙂

  2. Hi Pratik,

    Great to have you connect. I’d love to publish your guest post. I believe the topic will be beneficial to readers.

    Would you mind sending me an email with the draft: towersofzeyron at gmail dot com.


  3. HI Dear,

    I am Alex Graham. I run few website in different niche . I am looking for sponsored guest post.

    IF you are interested to work with me. Please tell me the price for per post.

    Alex Graham

  4. Hey,

    Are you accepting guest posts as yet?

    If so, I’d like to contribute one on the topic—How combining online and offline marketing can yield better conversions.

    Let me know what you think.

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  6. Hi, team Towers of Zryron. I am Vrushali and I would love to make an informative guest post.

    Full name: Vrushali Sawant

    Topics I wish to write about:
    1. How brands can win with outdoor advertising in 2022
    2. Examples of Brands Doing Transit Media Branding in an Ingenious Way
    3. How paper cup branding works for brand promotion & subliminal marketing communication

    Please let me know if any of these topics interests you and I would be happy to share the draft.

    PS: I don’t like publishing poor, spammy content just as much as you do. 🙂

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