Unleash The Ninja Version Of Yourself, Book by Ten Mutunhire

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Welcome to Unleash The Ninja Version Of Your Self

Unleash The Ninja Version Of Yourself, Book by Ten Mutunhire
Unleash The Ninja Version Of Yourself, Book by Ten Mutunhire

This is not an ordinary book or booklet. It will challenge you and guide you on a path to a complete life, personality, and career transformation where you progressively accomplish goals you once thought were impossible.

First, let me tell you how I stumbled into the world of the NINJA.

In December 2019, I set out to accomplish the near impossible. I set out to become internet famous as a top marketer around the whole globe. My goal was to achieve status comparable to gurus like Jay Abraham and Jordan Belfort. Never mind that I did not have an MBA, I was not a corporate trained business person.

All I had was a will and a burning desire to get it done.

I told myself not only was I capable of making it happen, but that I was capable of making it happen.

A very funny thing started happening a few weeks later. I found myself working with an intense level of focus, zero distractions allowed.

I worked hard, the whole day, on building my brand, writing guest posts and marketing emails, and other things in my gameplan for accomplishing my lofty goal. My new focus alerted me that I was in THE ZONE. Maybe you’ve been there yourself too, I had been there many many times before, but something even more special was about to happen…

I had often been short of time in the morning, so often dashed off without making my bed. When I found myself chomping at the bit and defiantly making my bed and turning loose the very last stone of psychological resistance and knew that nothing was capable of stopping me in my mission, I knew then something altogether special had occured inside me…I had unleashed the NINJA VERSION of myself!

And because this special thing had happened inside, it was only a matter of time before it manifested externally in the business objectives I was working towards.

So bold and so great did I feel, that I found myself going places I had never gone. I quickly created my first series of products, including outlines for a course, and other brand materials I was going to use to achieve my status as a marketing “guru” like the gurus I referred above. I reached out to pitch articles at publications, including the New York Times and more. Call it literally “taking the bull by the horns.” In short, awakening the NINJA VERSION placed me in a zone of zero fear and all out war and action towards my goal. No “but” no “if” no “next week.”

Enough of my story. Yours begins right here!!!

You too can unleash the NINJA VERSION of yourself.

You will feel completely empowered, the real empowering that comes from living to your God-given potential, not some fake empowering that politicians promise you on TV at election time.

Pause and reflect on this incredible concept for a second:

There’s a version of you that can accomplish the impossible. You haven’t met that guy or gal yet, but all you have to do is let go of your limitations and that awesome guy or gal will appear, ready to transform your life into your most wonderful dreamworld. It’s time! Let’s do it.

Over the next few minutes, you are going to meet that guy or gal and unleash the fountain of power within you and get doing exactly what it is you’ve said you wanted to do, whether that’s:

  • becoming a top athlete
  • landing your dream job
  • becoming president of your company
  • getting out of bankruptcy and paying back all debts
  • quitting your job to start a new business
  • moving to a foreign country permanently
  • getting your health back
  • making a fortune to retire young
  • becoming a billionaire
  • becoming president
  • running for office
  • building a multi-million dollar business
  • losing weight
  • finding the woman or man of your dreams
  • rekindling passion in your marriage
  • and many more dreams you have, the sky’s the limit!

See, you have the power within you already to live to a much higher version of you, one that can and will change the world.

So what stops most people from living at that higher level?

Simple, just like me, they never UNLEASH that NINJA VERSION of themselves. They probably don’t even know that gutsy, guntoting version of themselves is even there!

And society does a good job of beating us all into line, which numbs the ninja instincts we all have as little kids. By the time we are retirement age or older, most of the ninjas are pretty much dead. Though you will find here or there one or two old guys or gals with a spark in their eye and a mind with no limits and who still do incredible things without thinking twice…

We all can UNLEASH THE NINJA VERSION OF OURSELVES. You must! If you want the big, bad things you’ve planned to happen and the world to know that you passed through this world and made your impact!

Before we go through the 12 weekly motivations that will instil in you the mindsets of the NINJA, I want you to actually first UNLEASH and claim your NINJA. Only when you have your NINJA present, do the motivations really matter. Otherwise you might go on thinking “Oh well and fine for these people with a ninja inside them, me I don’t have that.”

Oh yes you do. Here is how to find it, it’s really simple. Give me two minutes and you will definitively UNLEASH the NINJA, and, with your NINJA in tow, we will go on to equip that NINJA self with even more winning mindsets.

Finding And UNLEASHING The Ninja

Take a couple of minutes to perform this exercise.

What is your biggest goal that you wish you could accomplish in life or in the next 5-10 years?

Now I want you to close your eyes and picture meeting a very beautiful or handsome stranger a few years from now in a bar or at a horse racing track. The stranger introduces themselves and you get into a conversation.

This very confident stranger tells you about the last few years and how they have accomplished all the things you were dreaming of, in their own life. And how they started out just like you. Oh, they can’t believe it, they used to live in the very same town as you too, what a coincidence!

As this charming stranger sips on their drink and their story comes to a close, their significant other and kids come to fetch them away, and they slip outside into a waiting limousine and drive away.

The lingering tones of their expensive cologne plays on your nose and you remember how alive they made you feel.

What you remember about them is their dashing confidence and the air of sheer limitless being and living, their ability to manufacture positive, desirable reality and achievement from the very ether.

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As they wave and smile knowingly at you one last time, you gasp as you realize their face is exactly the same as yours. That stranger is the NINJA VERSION OF YOURSELF! Become them, NOW, or forever hold your peace. To be them, you will go places you have never been, NOW! No more excuses, all your goals can and will become reality, just like that! All the things you have dreamed should happen will absolutely happen. They must, because you have captured the NINJA VERSION OF YOURSELF. You have become, and are becoming, bigger, better, faster, smarter, more attractive, richer, and more powerful than you ever knew you could be!!!!

Welcome To The NINJA VERSION of Yourself

Now, open your eyes and breathe deeply and relax. How does that feel?


Start living the big life and goals and reality you always knew was meant for you.

Say this affirmation with me:

“I am now UNLEASHING the NINJA VERSION of myself. Everything is becoming possible for me. I go beyond all limits.”

Again, say this affirmation out loud with me:

“As simple as that, I have UNLEASHED the unstoppable NINJA VERSION OF MYSELF. My dreams and goals are absolutely becoming reality. I go on to accomplish all the great things I have been planning to do. I begin, NOW!”

You are the NINJA! Don’t let the world, nor your old self, tell you otherwise.

Now take time each week to read one of these twelve Weekly Motivations Of The Ninja to instil further mindsets that will buttress the NINJA VERSION OF YOURSELF and build your knowledge of your powers and limitless capability.

Week 1

You Are A Champion: David Goggins

“We are all great. No matter if you think you’re dumb, fat, been bullied, we all have greatness. You gotta find the courage. It’s going to be hard work, discipline, and the non-cognitive skills – hard work, dedication, sacrifice – that will set you apart.” – David Goggins

David Goggins is a walking paragon of mental toughness, endurance, and just sheer greatness. He completed a distinguished career as one of the toughest Navy SEALs, a man recognized among his peers as truly one of a kind, the best of the best.

The reality, though, is that Goggins shows that we all can be great.

Not only does he say it, but he points to his story to prove that you, yes you, have everything it takes to be.

You see, before he was Goggins, the warrior we all know today, David Goggins was just another lost black youth growing up in Brazil, Indiana. His classmates, all of them white, just called him by the N-word. For the longest time, young David let it damage his self-esteem.

To become the champion the world knows today, Goggins had to look inside, and find his value where the world around him told him he just sucked and was worthless.

We all have greatness within us.

Peer deep into your own soul and find the great kernel within.

This is who you need to bring out. This is what you need to become, it’s already inside you.

Just let go of your fears and take the bold leap to the next level, and then the next, and then the next… til you are one of the all-time greats at what you were called to do in life…

Week 2

Discipline Shall Be Thy Blood Brother And Preatorian Guard: Jocko Willink

Interviewer: What do you do on the days when you are just not feeling it?

Jocko: Those days, when I’m tired or worn out or just basically sick of the grind. Well, what do I do on those days? I go anyways! I get it done even if I’m just going through the motions, I go through the motions. I don’t really wanna work out? I work out. I really don’t wanna hammer on a project? I HAMMER ON THE PROJECT. Don’t really wanna get up and get out of bed? Yep, I get up and get out of bed.

If you struggle with discipline, you can kiss that old version of you goodbye.

By embracing discipline today, and choosing to take the hard road whenever it presents itself, and saying no to the easy road, you will begin your most dramatic ascent to the top!

Discipline, as former elite Navy SEAL team leader Jocko Willink says, is your friend. It’s more than your friend, it’s your blood brother!

Embrace it. Make it your essential inner self, and make it your Preatorian Guard!

Discipline will give you all the things you want, and it will fend off all the little foxes and dogs trying to nip away at the castle of a life that you have built.

Jocko led one of the most decorated SEAL teams in the entire Iraq war.

There’s a reason you’re hearing these lessons from elite warriors and Navy SEALs, rather than a feel-good story from the Kardashians. These warriors have proven the qualities and mental strength that it takes to achieve whatever you are aiming for in life.

Discipline is the absolute bed rock of your foundation, the solid base from which you will build your way to superhuman achievements in the world of business, science, art, sports, entertainment, philanthropy, or anything else you might be aiming for in your career.

In 2018, I decided to take to the track and put some of these Navy SEALS’ ideas to the test. From not being able to comfortably run half a mile without resting, I knew I was onto something when I ran 8 miles and more, without taking any breaks, and without hardly breaking a sweat.

With my newfound power, I discovered an entire new world, everything I thought about life was a lie. Men could do the immortal, they could run the 4-minute mile, they could climb Everest, men could feed the hungry and solve the problems of war, and I discovered my destiny was in my own hands.

Whatever that limitation you have accepted over your career, over your life, business, or personal relationships, the one you say is holding you back, it’s a lie. You are the one who accepted that limit, shake it off NOW, and go do exactly the thing you want to do, and take your personal power and use it! Begin moving with DISCIPLINE and all your limitations will evaporate into the mist.

*** If you are absolutely stumped for how to begin practicing discipline, then I recommend you begin by this very tough morning routine:

  1. Get up early, you define what early is for you, and get up at that time every morning.
  2. Make your bed, just like the Marines do, make your bed before you ever start anything.
  3. Do whatever you have to do, then go for a run, aim for 1 mile at first, that’s a great start.
  4. Work your way up over time to 4 miles, then 6, and there’s no telling where you will end up!
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Congratulations, by this point if you have stuck with it, discipline is now second nature to you and you can go about deploying this new friend in other areas of your life, such as getting a promotion at work, becoming a better employee, starting a side business, multiplying your net worthor going the extra mile in providing for your family!

Week 3

Programming The Human Mind Makes You Your Fortune: Bob Procter

“If a person says the most they’ve ever earned in a year is $50,000, I know where their mind is programmed. Um, if they tell me the most they’ve ever earned is $250,000, I know where they’re programmed. And then I want to find out what they want. And I know then, what has to shift. Because their mind is programmed and if they’re really going to live the way they want to live, they’ve got to change the program.” — Bob Proctor

What would happen if you gave a 5-year old boy the most powerful quantum computer in the world?

I will tell you what would happen.

The most powerful computer in the world, a humongously powerful machine that could be cracking the code of human DNA to come up with unique cures and medicines against dangerous diseases like heart disease and kidney disease, would instead spend the next 10 years lying around doing nothing but gathering dust, and maybe “solving” the odd video game problem.

Not worth it, you say?!

Absolutely, and you are right.

But this is unfortunately what most of us do with the mind.

The most powerful computer in the world, you see, is not some man-made machine at the Pentagon or with the People’s Liberation Army of China.

It is the human mind, more powerful in its subtlely and intricacy than anything the scientists can invent.

And yet, like that little boy, we let it lie around gathering dust, solving petty problems like office politics, instead of programming our minds to help us solve the great big problems like hunger and disease around the planet.

When you look at standout business people like Elon Musk, solving the problem of clean energy with his companies Tesla and SolarCity, you are looking at a person who has learned to feed their mind the right code and get that giant machine cranking out solutions to our most urgent needs.

You can do the same. In your own way.

Programming computers can make you a living. Programming the human mind, becoming smarter, better thinking, a problem solver, cranking out human solutions to the problems of humanity, will make you a fortune.

Try to avoid negative programming like watching TV shows filled with dysfunction, or the news and social media feeds. They program the mind to be reactive and subject to short attention spans.

Instead, a good way to program the mind is to use techniques like goal setting, visualization of yourself achieving your goals, and affirmations, which, despite getting a bad rep in some self help books, are powerful tools for getting control over your mind and rewriting the code that goes in there.

Week 4

Use Every Pain As An Excuse… To Get Bigger, Better, Stronger: Kobe Bryant

Reporter: [Asks Kobe Bryant how his off-season was, after shooting 4 airballs against the Jazz and being eliminated from the NBA Championship]

Kobe: I didn’t have an off-season…That night, as soon as we landed, I went straight to the gym, and I knew the janitor, and he opened up the gym for me, and I was there until the sun came up. I was there, getting the next day in, and the day after that and the next day after that so…

If you are going to go all the way to the top in your field, disappointment and pain along the way are pretty much inevitable.

This is why, after all, few people make it to the top in anything: business, sport, politics, science, anything.

The best people at anything are those who never turn back in their field. When the typical person encounters pain and great discomfort, they turn back and shrink into the comfort of the world they know.

The greats, and you are one of them, have learned to take the pain, make friends with it, and realize that by braving it and enduring it, they will get eventually to what they really want: achieving the lofty vision they have set in their minds and becoming even better and smarter.

When Kobe Bryant shot some very shoddy airballs in a tight series against the Utah Jazz when playing for the Lakers, he went through a very painful episode because of his failure to clinch the game for his team. Sore and angry at himself for falling short, and with fans baying for his blood, Kobe turned the pain into a reason, an excuse, to go to work harder, isolate himself in the gym and stay there every day just shooting his shot to make sure those airballs never happened again.

Your pain is a signal that you are now pushing against greatness. Keep on going!

Week 5

Eagles Fly Alone: Dan Pena

“It’s lonely at the top. When you read about Elon Musk spending his birthday pissin and moanin about being alone and working 120-140 hour weeks, and he’s already a rich guy.” — Dan Pena

When Navy SEALS go through their training, they all know they are going in for something very brutal and gruelling, one of the hardest beat downs that a human can endure anywhere.

Even the strong don’t make it, very few are able to take it and survive.

A Navy SEAL class might start out with 1,500 youthful, brash guys all raring to go.

In the try out phase, a whopping fraction of these will not make the grade.

About 100 of them make it through to the next stage.

These young men have to go through a wonderful, and lethal, soup of toughening and skills exercises, things like “drown proofing” (tested live in the water by SEAL instructors trying to drown you, and SEAL instructors can be very tenacious!), “survival swim,” and other such horrors.

Over the first phase, about 18 out of those 100 candidates quit. We are down to 82.

In the next phase, another 17 of the remaining candidates quit. We are down to 65.

In the next phase, the pre-Hell Week phase, a whopping 32 of the trainee SEALs will quit.

So much for putting together a new SEAL platoon! At this rate, that mission ain’t ever gonna be staffed.

Things ain’t looking so bright and sunny for the future of the Navy!

In the next phase, the dreaded HELL WEEK, where the trainees meet the hardest days of their lives, a 24/7 biting and drowning nightmare that just won’t end, of the remaining 33 men, another 12 men quit.

The ones who make it, out of that 100 who began the training proper, are your real SEAL candidates. Still, over the next two phases, 3 more of the trainees will quit, leaving just 18 men.

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