Referral Program

Your friends and colleagues with businesses all face similar problems

Dear Friend,
Your friends and colleagues with businesses all face similar problems:

– growth, growth, growth

If they can acquire more customers, they can grow their businesses and make a bigger contribution to the world, earn more money, and also live their best lives. This means they’ll thank YOU if you connect them with our service and it ends up helping them.

To show our appreciation for your referral efforts in helping us spread the word, we’ve structured payouts as follows for a successful referral

* 10% of the sale as finder’s fee for referrers
– Same arrangement for retainer service packages per successful referral
Our marketing service packages range from $3k/month for email marketing to $20k for high end specialty copywriting and consulting. What your friend or colleague needs to grow their business depends on their exact circumstances, and we recommend they look at our introductory packages first unless they have a super ambitious business campaign they need help with.
The best way to make referrals is not to send people to my website directly, but rather, send them and Ten ( an email intro, that way we don’t miss any referrals you might have sent so we send you the referral finder’s fee once they sign up!

Have trouble using the button links?

Please email your referral introduction to me (, and CC the friend or colleague you’d like to refer. It helps greatly if you use the subject line “Referral” or similar.