Sponsored Posts Welcome

Interested in posting a sponsored post that promotes your product/service or offer, links to your website and boosts your SEO and brand reputation?

We can help!

You can do a series of 3 posts with 2 do-follow links each for $100, or a series of 8 posts with 2 do-follow links each for $150. Please ensure they are 1,000 words each or longer.

They can be live within a few days at www.towersofzeyron.com.

To get started, please email us: ten@towersofzeyron.com

Doing a sponsored post allows you a lot of leeway into what you can post, how promotional you can be, and great laxity in the type and nature of links and offers you can link to in your post. Your post is also guaranteed to go through with next to no editorial changes or updates in the future.

If you would like to guest post for free instead, please check our separate instructions for that here: