Ten Mutunhire’s Email Backbone Mastermind

Grab Your Shades and Surf the List Growth Wave with Ten Mutunhire's Email Backbone Mastermind!

Dear Friend,
Ready to catch some serious email marketing waves and transform your coaching biz, SaaS empire, info products, or newsletter biz into a beach-party bonanza of success? Get stoked because Ten Mutunhire’s Email Backbone Mastermind is about to blow your flip-flops off!

Dive into our exclusive mastermind, designed for rockstar coaches, SaaS wizards, info product gurus, and newsletter ninjas like you. We’ll ride the email marketing wave together, slashing through the competition and making a splash in your industry. Say aloha to massive growth and cha-ching revenue!

Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll be hangin’ ten with:

Weekly Accountability: No more snoozing on your email list growth! We’ll keep you accountable to your list growth goals, making sure you ride that audience growth wave to the top of the revenue charts. Get ready to crush it week after week and watch your product sales skyrocket as your email list grows!

Weekly Calls with Ten Mutunhire: Welcome to the epic beach party of list growth and email marketing savvy! Every week, Ten Mutunhire will be your rad virtual tour guide, unveiling his EMAIL PROFITS WORLD DOMINATION 10 STEP EMAIL SYSTEM. Get ready to soak up the knowledge and transform your business into a tidal wave of list growth and monetization success!

Q&A Sessions: Got some gnarly questions about list growth, revenue maximization, or email marketing strategies? Chillax, dude! Our Q&A sessions have got you covered, and you’ll have the chance to pick Ten Mutunhire’s brain and get personalized insights tailored to your wave-riding challenges. Cowabunga!

Troubleshooting Sessions: Even the best surfers wipe out sometimes. But fear not, we’ll be there to help you get back on your board! Our troubleshooting sessions, held every third week, are specifically for going through your particular challenges, with us working together in real time to help you navigate the choppy waters and find the best solutions to keep you riding high on that email marketing wave.

Mindset Sessions: Dude, mindset matters! We’ll help you unleash your inner email profits surf warrior. Every two months, we’ll drop some serious mindset knowledge bombs to help you conquer self-doubt and embrace the mindset of an email marketing champion. Get ready to ride those big waves with confidence!

Funnel Sessions: Hang on tight, because we’re about to hit some epic funnels! Ten Mutunhire will share his secret sauce for building killer funnels that’ll have your email list growing like crazy and your business revenue shooting through the roof. Get ready to ride the biggest wave of your life!

Peer Group Wins and Case Study Sessions: Success loves company, bro! Once a month, our mastermind members will share their epic wins and case studies. You’ll learn from their successes, soak up their strategies, and boost your own email marketing game. It’s like a luau of knowledge!

But wait, there’s more! Check out these gnarly bonuses that’ll take your mastermind experience to the next level:

🤙 Bonus #1: Private Discord Group Access ($10K Value): Hang out with our exclusive crew in the raddest Discord group ever. Connect with like-minded shredders, share ideas, and soak up the good vibes of entrepreneurs who know that the money is in the list!

🤙 Bonus #2: Skool Group Access ($10K Value): School’s in session, and you’re the teacher’s pet! Gain access to Skool, our treasure trove of educational resources. Learn the latest email marketing techniques, revenue optimization hacks, and stay ahead of the competition.

🤙 Bonus #3: 24/7 Chat with Ten Mutunhire and Mastermind Members ($20K Value): Need a pep talk at 3 a.m.? We’ve got your back, bro! Our 24/7 chat lets you connect with Ten Mutunhire and your fellow mastermind members whenever you need a virtual fist bump. We’re here for you, day and night!

🤙 Bonus #4: Unlimited 1-on-1 Consulting ($50K Value): Get ready for some VIP treatment! With unlimited 1-on-1 consulting sessions, you’ll have exclusive access to Ten Mutunhire’s expertise. Book a slot on his Mastermind Consults calendar and prepare to have your mind blown with personalized insights for your email marketing success.

🤙 Bonus #5: Email Profits World Domination System Course Recording ($5K Value): Can’t get enough of Ten Mutunhire’s epic wisdom? We’ve got you covered, bro! Access the recording of the Email Profits World Domination System course, so you can ride those email marketing waves whenever you need a refresher.

Ready to drop in on the most epic email marketing adventure of your life? The cost to join Ten Mutunhire’s Email Backbone Mastermind is $300 per month.

Send Ten a message (ten@towersofzeyron.com) if you’d like to chat about joining the Mastermind and have your questions about the Mastermind answered in person.


Ten Mutunhire
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant
Founder of the Email Backbone Mastermind
Towers of Zeyron