Step By Step Guide To Making Money With A Blog In 2020

Blogging is pretty easy, and it’s even easier to make money with a blog. You have no idea how much you can make, especially in our modern age of networking. Do you know that terrible feeling you get when you get broke? Well, I am going to make sure that you never experience it again after reading this step by step guide to making money with a blog in 2020.

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After you create a blog, you need to think of ways to make money with the money. Advertising is one of the top ways to generate money from your blog, once you have started gaining readers, companies and businesses will start coming to you to advertise their business on your blog. The amount of money you will get from just posting adverts on your blogging sites will leave you shocked, many business people will pay good money for a chance to acquire customers.

Although, some bloggers think that it’s not among the best ways to make money because you would have to have a lot of readers before you will get an offer from big businesses to advertise for them. However, it’s not always the case since when many businesses that are doing okay give you an offer to advertise their business, you can get a lot money and you can even earn more advertising for them than for a few well off businesses.

So you need to build your readers so that as you are getting offers from small businesses or moderate ones, you will be getting offers from bigger businesses as well. The key point to note here is that whether the business is doing okay or its well off, businesses pay a lot of money so that their products and services will be advertised.

Online Workshops And Courses

You can make upto a million dollar or more from online courses and workshops. Jon Morrow, a blogger that makes millions of dollars from blogging earns most of his income from online courses and workshops where he will coach people to learn how to make money online. Ramit Sethi as well earns over ten million dollars a year and has so many blogs on money making.

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Freelance Writing

As a blogger, you will be earning money and working for others as a freelance writer you will be earning even more money. A blogger has a lot of experience, and therefore, seems more qualified as a freelance writer than an ordinary freelance writer that doesn’t own a blog or hasn’t dealt with it before. That means that you have a good chance of getting many writing jobs. Freelance writers like Elna McLain make so much money compared to some writers that aren’t working remote. Moreover, freelance writing together with blogging will provide you with a lot of cash.

Books And Ebooks

Writing a book or an ebook can bring you a lot of money, but writing a book or an ebook and marketing on your blog can bring you even more money. This is one of the most common ways bloggers and vloggers use to make their cash. Just like Ryan Higa, a vlogger on YouTube where he has been doing many funny videos for over ten years.

Moreover, the blogging site, Breaking The One Percent have also written an ebook. They post stuff like how to start a blog, making money with a blog, etc.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a freelancer that assists business owners with online tasks like sending emails to other businesses, email marketing, arranging schedules, meetings with other businesses, etc.

As a blogger, you have good writing skills which can help you land a job as a virtual assistant, you should apply for a part time virtual assistant position so that you will have time for your blog.

Digital Marketing

Marketing other businesses’s products and services online is a good way to earn cash. You can try social media marketing that is placing ads on Facebook, Google, etc and giving shout outs on Instagram. All you need to do is post their products or services online and advice people to do business with them.

Affliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell products and services of a business so as to get a commission for that. It’s a fast and easy way of making money, all you have to do is talk about their products and services for a fee or bring customers to those businesses. For example, if you make a contract with a business that sells birthday cards that you will talk about their products on your blog and advice them to buy them for 10% of their earned money from the customers they get through your marketing.

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As you can see, it’s not hard at all. I have had an experience with affiliate marketing before, whereby a business selling clothes and fashion items were recruiting affliates. The business is called Jumia, and they call their affliates JForce. I applied for the position and I got it. What we had to do was to post their products like shoes, dresses, pants, ties, etc on our social media accounts and online so as to bring customers to Jumia and then we will earn 20% commission for doing that.

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Stay Strong

Making money with a blog in 2020 should not be hard. What you need to always keep in mind is that you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. This is what motivates me every time when the going gets tough. So stay strong and motivated, and do your best.

You may encounter some set backs during your journey to making money with a blog and especially in 2020. What you need to do to avoid mistakes is to plan out what you should do for your blog to make more money.

Since we have given you these steps to follow, you need to examine them all and choose which one you should start with, and how you are going to start. Plan wisely so that you will earn money easily with a blog in 2020.

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