You probably know John Paul DeJoria as the face of the Paul Mitchell haircare brand, celebrity guest on ABC’s Shark Tank or from one of his many appearances at public charitable events.

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He is an entrepreneur and 5x billionaire who has been at it for decades with no sign of slowing down.

Dejoria’s Tragic Past

His parents divorced by the time he was two years old, and with apparent entrepreneur DNA in his bones, he began selling Christmas cards at age nine to support his family. When his single mother proved unable to support her children, JP was sent to a Los Angeles foster home.

How John Paul Dejoria Came To Be A Billionaire

The secret of John Paul’s authenticity, empathy, and open-hearted desire to help others began in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where his mother struggled to make ends meet to support her two sons after their father left the family when John Paul was only two years old.

Although his mother had a job, she was unable to care for her young sons while she worked, and the boys were sent to foster care. They were in foster care during the week but always spent the weekends with their mother.

His Positive Attitude

Even though they were poor, John Paul says the family was strong and happy, and he credits his mother with instilling in him a sense that he could be more than his circumstances. His mother didn’t have money to buy Christmas presents that year, but despite her poverty, she taught her children that unshared success — no matter how little — is failure.

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This lesson in 1950 — when a dime was a lot of money — was the seminal influence on the success of one of the wealthiest and most successful men in the world. Fast forward almost 70 years and DeJoria has become the billionaire who founded John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits — each multi-billion – dollar companies.

DeJoria is a billionaire and philanthropist who is best known for being the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems ( JPMS ) hair products company and the Patron Spirits Company.

John Paul Dejoria Today

As a young man he served in the United States Navy, and then he would move into a number of jobs after he left including selling encyclopaedias and insurance as stated by An Isometric Inc.

One of the things that have shaped DeJoria’s success was that he experienced the tragic event of coming home to find that his wife had left him with a child and literally leaving him with no recourses to look after his young family. He also learned valuable lessons about charity and giving as a young child growing up.

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DeJoria, 73, has a net worth of $ 3.1 billion, according to Forbes, but at two separate times in his life, he was homeless and living out of his car.

Yet, behind the image of John Paul DeJoria, there is a remarkable and inspirational story of a former Hells Angels motorcycle gang member who made an incredible journey from homlessness — living in his car — to becoming a billionaire and one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. John Paul DeJoria, a one – time Las Vegas resident, co-founded the iconic Paul Mitchell salon hair care company and then went on to launch the Patron Spirits company, which has become the largest tequila brand in the world.

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As indicated by Best of Las Vegas, he still maintains a home here in Las Vegas and is a large donor to our Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

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