Ten Mutunhire’s 7 Figure Product Launches Package

Make the biggest splash in your market, and play for top spot...

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of trudging through the scorching desert of lackluster copywriting? Are your sales efforts feeling as gloomy as a rainy day at the beach? Well, grab your sunglasses and get ready to ride the wave of success, because Ten Mutunhire’s 7 Figure Product Launches Package is here to turn your marketing journey into a sun-soaked adventure that will leave your competition feeling sunburned!

This monthly package is your ultimate beachside retreat, offering you a treasure trove of benefits to make your product sell like hotcakes. Let’s dive into the sparkling details of what you’ll receive when you embark on this tropical copywriting escapade:

8-10 hours of dedicated copywriting and consulting each week from the wordsmith extraordinaire, Ten Mutunhire. With a magical touch that can turn lackluster words into golden nuggets of persuasion, Ten has worked with a diverse array of businesses, from coaching and consulting to SaaS, ecommerce, tech, media, fashion, and more. Their versatility is as vast as the ocean, ensuring they can tailor their expertise to meet the unique needs of your business.

Crafted Copy that Sells: Like a skilled sand sculptor, Ten will shape words that captivate your audience and entice them to take action. With their mastery of psychology and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, they’ll create copy that speaks directly to your customers’ desires, leaving them clamoring for your products or services. Prepare for a surge in sales as your copy grabs attention, stirs emotions, and compels readers to click that “Buy Now” button.

Strategic Campaign Guidance: Launching a new product or relaunching an existing one? Let Ten be your compass in the vast sea of marketing possibilities. They’ll provide you with invaluable campaign strategy and launch consulting, helping you navigate the treacherous waters of product introductions with ease. Together, you’ll craft a roadmap to success, ensuring your campaign sets sail smoothly and propels your business to new heights.

Multi-Month Project Support: Big product launches require big plans. If you have a grand multi-month launch in mind, Ten is ready to be your copilot throughout the entire journey. By reserving ahead of time, you can secure multiple months of their dedicated copywriting and consulting expertise. Think of it as a first-class ticket to an extended beach vacation of skyrocketing sales and unrivaled business growth.

Profitability Boost: Your sales funnel is the lifeline of your business, and Ten knows how to optimize it for maximum profitability. They’ll dive deep into your funnel, identifying areas for improvement, and revamping it with their expert insights. Get ready to witness a surge in conversions, higher engagement, and a boost in your bottom line. It’s time to turn your sales funnel into a treasure chest overflowing with profits.

The monthly fee for this copywriting and consulting package is $6,000 for a month.

This package is perfect for you if:

  • You’re launching a new product and want it to make a splash bigger than a humpback whale.
  • You’re relaunching an existing product and need to reignite the spark of interest among your customers.
  • Your sales numbers need a serious boost to make waves in the market.
  • Your sales funnel needs an overhaul to sail smoothly towards profitability.
  • You have high-growth ideas that are ready to set sail, and you crave expert guidance to navigate uncharted territories.
  • You’re determined to make this year your most profitable yet, and you’re willing to take calculated risks to achieve remarkable results.
  • You’re open to fresh ideas and eager to combine your expertise with Ten’s to create an unforgettable product launch and unparalleled sales success.

Your industry? It matters less than a seashell on a sandy beach! Ten has effortlessly navigated the waters of countless sectors, helping businesses just like yours achieve remarkable sales and profitability. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, SaaS provider, ecommerce mogul, tech wizard, fashionista, or even a medical marvel, Ten’s expertise will transform your business into a true beachside paradise of success.

So, don’t let this opportunity drift away like a message in a bottle. Grab your favorite beach towel and contact us today to reserve your spot for a free discovery call with Ten Mutunhire. Together, we’ll explore how this collaboration can help your business bask in the warm glow of success. Even if Ten can’t embark on this journey with you, they’ll provide you with invaluable advice to propel your project forward, whether independently or with another team of experts.

It’s time to unleash your business’s beachside bliss. Contact us now and get ready to ride the wave of success with Ten Mutunhire’s Sun-Kissed Copywriting Package!

Sunny regards,

Ten Mutunhire

Copywriter and Founder

Towers Of Zeyron