7 Figure Product Launches by Ten Mutunhire

Get Random Product To $100K In Sales Challenge: Day 1 (Fail Faster)

There I was, thinking hard about what product I could launch to try and bring you guys real world insights into the 7 Figure Product Launches process.

I’ve documented the consulting process for 7 Figure Product Launches, and I even have a book that talks a lot about what to do when launching your own product and trying to get it to significant sales. And the book is titled: “Solopreneur Profit Machines.” I just completed it earlier this year.

But like I said, I was hard pressed to find an ideal product to launch as a showcase to demonstrate these ideas in realtime. My process works for ecommerce, SaaS, info products, memberships, and I bet it could work for launching a car company like Tesla, but maybe I’m just making that part up 😉

But I wasn’t about to go start a car company or even a big software or app project to showcase the system. I needed a product I could already find in the market, something I could come up with, or someone else’s product that already existed in the market and could thus be launched relatively quickly.

That’s when I realized, okay dummy, why don’t you launch your own book as the product? And that’s exactly the random product I ended up going with for this product launch challenge. It’s probably gonna make my life that much more challenging because this is a small book that will sell for $20 on a good day. It’s very tactical, but it was written as much to document my own system as for any sales potential, that being a secondary consideration when I wrote the book last year. I should have been smart enough to create a more substantial product that could be sold for $500 or $1k to make getting to $100k as simple as getting 100 sales! This $20 product is the hard road!

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But it’s the product I’m stuck with launching now, and believe me, getting a $20 product to $100k is likely gonna feel nearly impossible at times.

Follow along to see how I navigate this very challenging product launch!

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