Grant Cardone 10X Sales System Review

Update: 3 Big Lessons I Got From Grant Cardone’s 10X Sales System 3 Hour Live Tutorial

This is a follow up on my initial impressions of the Grant Cardone’s 10X Sales System. There was a lot to unpack in his training, and in the end, the 3 hour live stream was like diving in at the deep end. But he did break it down in layman’s terms. However, to really grok this stuff, you’d probably need to watch his live training a few times.

Here are some actionable takeaways that can help you grow your business to the next level from the training:

  1. Set the target bigger

This is classic Grant Cardone 10X Rule. But it applies to any sales and marketing effort. If your sales quota is $100k, go for $500k or $1 million. If your launch plan involves getting the new product to $50k in sales, go for $500k. Setting targets is something that sales managers get good at, but it’s vital even if you have no explicit quota to meet. Apply it to all your marketing activities. Rather than reaching 300k people, aim to reach 3 million, and see how it transforms your business.

  1. You can do it

We’re living in an extraordinary era where ordinary human beings can accomplish extraordinary feats. Grant Cardone referenced the real life TV show Undercover Billionaire in which he started over from scratch under a fake name in Pueblo, Colorado, and had to build a million dollar business in just 90 days. The point is, if a no name Louis Curtis, as his name was in the show, could make the moves he did, the odds are pretty good for anyone to make a contribution today with their talents and build something out of it. Believing you can is an essential part of getting there.

  1. Learn to sell and market, marketing is senior to sales
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Grant Cardone is a great salesman. This much is obvious. He said you need to master the skillset of sales and marketing. Be a great salesman. But realize that marketing is senior to sales. I’d like to argue the reverse with him but I thought about it long and hard yesterday, and I realized the man is right. Why is this so true? Well, the two work hand in hand. Marketing just happens to be first in our interaction with a potential customer. If the marketing is bad, the sales will be mediocre at best, because marketing set a shoddy foundation. If the coaching and the training is bad in the game of football, even if on game day the play calling is superb, the result will be a big L. So they work in tandem but the stuff that comes ahead of everything else has a rather deterministic effect on actual results. This is why, when building skyscrapers, if you mess up the foundation, you’re pretty much finished, better to start over from scratch.

The massive tutorial was accessible on YouTube when I was on there not so long ago, so if you wanna check it out, that’s where you can get it. There’s plenty of good lessons there for entrepreneurs and product people!

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