10 BILLIONAIRE Practices

10 BILLIONAIRE Practices


In this lesson, I’m going to teach you ten essential billionaire practices. That will get you to make progress from where you are to hitting that billionaire network. It’s worth it.

Now, this is not the whole system, the whole system is in the entire course. But these are ten practices right now that you can put in place. If you were already a billionaire, you would already do these things. And these are things that many people don’t do.

Because they don’t know and that can actually keep them stuck for a long time. So it’s essential that right at the start of this course, you learn these ten essential billionaire practices. And you do them and put them into practice right away, every day. You need to be doing this. It needs to become a habit and second nature to you.

Okay, so the first billionaire practice is you need to set big superlative goals. Okay, it’s time to throw off. It’s done. You’re now in the exponential zone and I want you to step into the exponential zone. I want you to make the switch.

You’re thinking big, so positive. Starting right now, you don’t think small anymore. That stuff is gone. Okay, practice number two. Billionaire, practice number two. I want you to be a problem solver. You’re going to solve problems. You’re going to go after problems. A problem coming your way. Most people run the other way.

The billionaires, the Titans. They’re running to the problem. Because they believe an entrepreneur is somebody who solves problems for society and gets paid to solve them. The common person doesn’t want to deal with problems. But the super entrepreneurs, the billionaires, they’re looking for big problems to solve.

And that’s why society is like, well, if you solve that, we’re going to pay you a lot of money. So you want to be a problem solver. Don’t complain about problems, solve problems. And you can complain after you solve the problem. Most likely you won’t be complaining because you have so much money from solving the problem. You’ll be like, that was a tough problem, but it was fun solving it and it was worth it.

Now, what other problems can I solve? Now? Billionaire practice number three is, I want you to be super generous with your money. I want you to identify needs around which you can contribute to. Now, this might not seem like it’s a billionaire thing.

I’m trying to build a network and you’re telling me to give money to charity, to a poor person or my local Church, or to some needy people around society. But you know what the Bible says that to give is better than to receive.

We all want to receive. But in order for us to receive, somebody gotta give. And when you give, you unlock a chain of good that is out there and without people that give. The whole system would not work as well for the rest of us. So if you want to be the first for good in the world, give. Imagine if you had all the money in the world, anyway.

We give you all the trillions and gazillions of money that exist in the world and we give it to you. Like, what are you going to do with it? If you have all the money in the world and you never give it to anyone, to anything, what good is going to come out of that?

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None. Because you cannot even eat right. Unless you give some money to whole foods. Unless you give some money to McDonald’s. Unless you give some money to Starbucks and in exchange, they give you.

If you had all the money in the world and you kept it and held it. You would die of starvation because you refuse to let go of your money. You got to give the money for it to work and for it to do the good that you want to see in the world. Otherwise, you’re going to be a useless miser holding all the money.

Now, I don’t mean throwing away your money. But getting in the habit of giving because the people that are the productive multi-billionaires give more than most people. So if you never learn how to give at that level, you will not learn how to earn it in the first place either. When you give like that, it’s going to force you to unlock the next level of earning it. Now the other big billionaires practice number four.

Adopt an attitude of yes, I can do all that? You’re going to hear people saying, oh, no, you can’t be a billionaire? You can’t build a super valuable business? Did you get a job? You don’t have a college degree? You don’t have a GED? You’re not a medical doctor? All these things you’re a lady, you’re not a guy? You can’t be a super entrepreneur?

All these things but your defenses you have got to adopt. Yes, I can do all that attitude and you got to adopt it right now. The billionaires believe they can do pretty much anything. Did they set their mind to run the Olympics and build a $100 billion business? Build a billion-dollar business? 500-million-dollar business? Run for President.

Run for Prime Minister, change an entire industry, invent the iPhone. Whatever you decide to do, I want you to know and believe that, yes, I can do all that. Billionaire practice number five. Hit the gym hard every day. Now, this is a secret to unlocking the big inner confidence that you need.

And confidence is a secret trade of billionaires. If you want to run a stupid experiment, walk up to a billionaire. Tell them that when they mentioned they’re going to do something and tell them like, no, you can’t do that, and you see fire. That’s because they have secret confidence that almost everybody else doesn’t have. I mean, everybody else got the confidence to a certain level. But billionaires are way out.

They believe they can, speaking, move mountains. Now, you do this. If you can’t even move your own body, how are you going to move mountains? If you can’t get up off the couch every morning at 07:00 A.M. Or 10:00 A.M. Or eleven or whatever time you say you’re going to go exercise. It’s pretty much hopeless. Now, you might believe you can cut it even though you don’t exercise.

But that means you’re going to need to find another system of discipline and of getting yourself moving. That’s hard to do without working out. Like, you could try to practice discipline in saving money or doing things you don’t like to do, like public speaking or things like that. But those things are so much harder to set up than setting a workout schedule.

Where you say, every morning, I’m hitting the gym at 05:00 A.M. Or 07:00 A.M. Or 03:00 A.M. Or 10:00 P. m. Whatever time you want, make it a habit to hit the gym hard every single day. That leads us to billionaire secret habit number six, which is to develop your discipline. Now, discipline is a core billionaire trait. Billionaires are super disciplined. When everybody else is watching TV, the Kardashian, everybody else is partying and having fun.

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The billionaires are busy working for Warren Buffett. He reads like 500 pages a day. That takes a lot of discipline. Mark Cuban reads a lot. Almost 3 hours a day. That’s a lot of discipline. Try it and you realize it takes discipline 3 hours a day. I don’t read books. 3 hours a day, less than that.

So I know it takes discipline, and not even being consistent every day. Like, miss some days. It takes discipline. To develop your discipline. Secret number 70. Billionaire practice number seven. Imagine a billion. Many people say, oh, I want to be a billionaire, but they have never even imagined what a billion would be like in their life.

What would you do with it? What would you do if I gave you a billion dollars like today? You had a billion dollars sitting in your bank account or in your business and somehow you got to deploy it and use it? Start imagining a billion.

Would you expand your business? What size would your business look like? Would you have many businesses? What industries would you be engaged in and what would you be doing to move those industries forward? You will not be a techie when you get a billion dollars. What are you going to be doing with that money?

I want you to imagine exactly what you would do with that money. Now, Billionaire practice number eight: doing visualizations and affirmations twice a day. I should write your visualizations down, and you should write them down on paper, on a phone, or on a computer. Some kind of system where you can see your visualizations reaching down and affirmations as well.

You want to affirm some positive things about your becoming a billionaire. We will not go into the details that come later in the course. Billionaire practice number nine weeds out the non-billionaire thinkers. Habits from your life so those negative friends that are always telling you stuff to like stop working so hard, stop being so focused on work.

Let’s go party, drink at the pub, and spend all our weekends partying on social media. Do you want to quit social media? Quit all the endless socializing that doesn’t move you towards your goals. Why? Because now you’re in the business of making a billion and if that stuff will not help you make a billion, it needs to go now. Billionaire, practice number ten.

I want you to write your billionaire goal twice a day, like in the morning or in the evening or any other two times that work for you. Because this will cause you to weigh more than you even know. This will advance you in ways that you won’t even understand at this point. Because you don’t know all the systems yet, you need to do that. Write your billionaire goal twice a day.

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