Editorial Guidelines For Contributors


We accept posts that would be interesting to entrepreneurs in a variety of categories:

1. Self development (our favorite category)
2. Make money online
3. Investing and stock trading
4. Starting a business/entrepreneurship
5. Internet marketing/affiliate marketing/digital marketing

The further away your post is from these topics, the less likely we can publish it, but if you think it’s relevant to our audience, feel free to submit it.

Make sure your post is at least 800 words long, the longer the better. If your post is over 2,000 words long, such as a long guide or other piece, we are much more likely to give it a fast track publishing.


Every story needs at least one featured image. Please use only copyright-free images from Pixabay, Pexels, and similar sites.

Linking To Yourself

Make sure to link to yourself only in an ” About The Author” section at the end of your posts. Other links may cause your posts to be classified, wrongly or rightly, as spam. To improve the chances of your post being published, adhere strictly to this rule.

That’s it! Happy posting!!!

Interested In Becoming A Contributor?

These guidelines are for existing contributors. If you’d like to apply to be a Towers Of Zeyron contributor, read the full instructions here: Become A Contributor