You, Discipline, And The Big Money

You, Discipline, And The Big Money

Dear Friend,

When I look back at the dumb mistakes that I’ve made in my life (and there are many, trust me, too many to count), I think a big one sticks out. This is one most of society struggles with. It cost me then, and unless you can master it, it will wreck your money life too:

A disregard for DISCIPLINE.

DISCIPLINE. It’s almost become like a four-letter word in our society.

Schools can’t spank kids anymore.

We can’t wait patiently in line anymore because we want it faster.

Students can’t be bothered to get the homework done.

And parents can’t be bothered to look after the kids.

Meanwhile, in business, the diner waitress can’t be bothered to get the orders right.

This is how things slip, my friend. One small step at a time.

It’s all so easy to sink into the social media and the binge TV watching and put off the tough thing until tomorrow.

Chances are though, your financial life will suffer. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, DISCIPLINE has got to be your best friend. It will lead you straight to the Big Money.

And what’s the Big Money? I first heard about it from Bob Proctor. Who, apparently, heard it from Napoleon Hill.

And now you’re hearing it from me!

The Big Money is when money comes so fast and in such vast quantities and so effortlessly that it lifts you into the tide of generational wealth in one fell stroke.

I think Proctor and Hill would smile at my eloquent paraphrase.

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Anyhow, long story, cowboy, or cowgal: get DISCIPLINE, it’ll do fine things for ya!

The Renegade Billionaire Habits Coach,


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