The Little Strategy To Get More Upwork Freelance Clients In 60 Days

The Little Strategy To Get More Upwork Freelance Clients In 60 Days

Dear Fellow Renegade,

Big Picture: No solopreneur or freelancer should really rely on Upwork as their sole source of income long term. Once you understand that and take it to heart, you begin to diversify into passive income and other income streams. And you begin to build your brand and not rely on outbound type prospecting. This is how you get to the next level.

Small Picture: However, you still need to maximize your opportunities on platforms like Upwork. This is essential for making active income. Here’s how you do it.

So, there’s a little strategy for getting a lot more clients that’s almost hidden in plain sight. If you do this right, you can start getting a stream of way more clients and see stunning results in as little as 60 days.

But first, there are some fundamentals you need to make sure you get in place first. If you’re an experienced freelancer on Upwork, I’d assume you’ve pretty much got these dialled in already, but they’re worth a revisit:

  • make sure you’re in a vibrant niche – programming, translation, copywriting, media buying, design, sales closing, research, engineering, etc. There’s a lot more good niches so don’t assume your niche is not strong. Just look to see if there are a lot of profiles of really successful Top Rated freelancers in the niche you’ve selected for yourself. If so, you can be one of them too, and it takes a lot less effort than you might be thinking!
  • make sure you’ve optimized your profile really well – I’ll be honest, I don’t like spending the time on optimizing my profile. I’ve probably gone close to a year at times without updating it. But if you are actively looking for new clients, this is a MUST. It’s kinda like polishing your resume in the traditional world of full time work.
  • make sure you have a strong pitch template – if you’re a bad writer, I’d go so far as to recruit an excellent copywriter who has gotten others stellar results with their pitches on Upwork before. Such people exist, you can find them on Fiverr, with reviews, or elsewhere online. The right ones will be worth every penny.
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Now, with those strong fundamentals in place, you’re ready for the simple yet effective strategy. Here’s what you gotta do now to unleash the Upwork client deluge in just 60 days:

Send a ton of pitches every single day without fail

That’s it, simple and plain. And here’s one hard and fast rule: “ton” here means 15+, ideally 20. If you’ve done the work on the fundamentals I listed above first, 60 days should be way too much time to land your first slew of new clients. A mere 3 weeks might have yielded potentially all the clients you can handle, particularly if your profile is outstanding. But for everyone else, 60 days of sustained effort like this, serious consistent daily pitches, a ton of them at the levels I specified, will transform your Upwork freelancing for the better.

That’s all the business “schmizness” advice I have for ya today. Go rock it!

Yours in Upwork unstoppable domination,

The Renegade Solopreneur Coach

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

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