There Are Two Types Of People In The World. Marketers And Civilians. Which type of person are you? Matters in advertising and marketing

Well, you might not know this, but there are two types of people in the world. Marketers and civilians. Which type of person you are will determine how well you can be trusted to make a brand a success.

  1. Marketers treat marketing as the purpose of life.

  2. Civilians treat marketing as a function of business.

  3. Marketers spend 90% of their time on marketing.

  4. Civilians spend 10% of their time on marketing.

  5. Marketers do marketing in their prime time.

  6. Civilians do marketing in their spare time.

  7. A marketer never retires. He might have an advertisement placed on his grave, that way he gets the last laugh.

  8. A civilian takes the first chance possible to get out of marketing responsibilities. He’d rather be dead than spend a life marketing stuff.

  9. A marketer connects buyers and sellers. Sometimes he is the seller.

  10. A civilian is only ever a buyer or a seller. He has no concept of the connecter.

  11. A marketer follows some strict code of value providing, his own, or others’.

  12. A civilian spams his product or offer regardless of what his audience needs. He has no concept of “strict code”, and does not need such a restrictive limit on his selling abilities.

  13. A marketer is willing to try stuff himself.

  14. A civilian is unhappy unless he is following some guru who said so.

  15. A marketer tests his campaigns and copy.

  16. A civilian does not see the need to test. He will forcefully tell you so.

  17. A marketer takes a scientific approach to advertising.

  18. A civilian does what works for the moment. He follows trends and the latest fashion.

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