What Are The Best Ways To Promote A Brick And Mortar Business?

This is a bit like asking what is the best way to get to Paris.

The answer is, from where? And in what kind of time?

But let’s look at the basics:

– You need to have a good deal of display material on the street, pavement, your store windows, or local signposts, posters, billboards, whatever you have access to so at least your natural traffic can find you and know what you have to offer

Flyers – these are good to supplement what fixed signage can do for you. Have someone distribute them to passersby, or go yourself and distribute them around town. Make them as high quality as you can so you can telegraph a brand they WANT to check out.

Music and other entertainment – good if you have a hospitality type business, having music, whether recorded or live, lets passersby know this is the place where coolness happens, and they need to check it out

Yellow page ads – if you have the budget for it, they are good, and try and make sure you’re in the phone book

Local SEO fundamentals – I’m such a non-believer in SEO, but local SEO can help. Just don’t be bamboozled into paying a ton of money for something that doesn’t work

Social media marketing – I highly recommend it. Your brick and mortar business will likely get way more business from social media marketing than it will from SEO, depending on where you live

Events and promotions – I love events, whether offline or online, for their promotional potential.

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These methods will likely get the ball rolling if you’re looking to drive more customers to your brick and mortar business.

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