Complete Noob YouTuber To 1000 Subscribers Challenge: Day 2

I was afraid to post on YouTube too, and so if this is something you’re gonna face when you go out there to create a YouTube channel, you’re not alone.

Here are the fears I’ve had to confront in my YouTube posting:

A fear of the crowd – what will people think if I’m going around posting my life on social media? Like everyone else, I don’t like doing things that out of the ordinary, although I have a taste for it more than most. But still, even for us entrepreneurs, sticking out like a sore thumb is not the fashionable thing to overdo.

A fear of ruining my professional reputation – I mean, I’m supposed to be this hot shot marketing consultant, not a happy go lucky teenager playing on TikTok! I think that posting seriously on any social platform, especially one where you have to video yourself, is gonna challenge your self concept and concerns about professional reputation a bit.

A fear of wasting time and not seeing ROI – this could probably be dismissed as our rational brains finding a rational-sounding excuse not to do the thing that we loathe doing for other, less rational reasons. Kinda like when your mom or dad says, “Go get some stuff from the shops,” and you say, “It’s still raining out!” Good excuse, but it stopped raining half an hour ago!

These are feelings we all have. Relax, nothing unusual has happened to you. Keep YouTubing and sharing on the interwebs!

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