7 Figure Product Launches

The Customer Fulfillment Process You Need For A 7 Figure Product Launch

So, you want a 7 Figure Product Launch for your ecommerce store, new course, or SaaS product, but can you handle a 7 Figure Product Launch?

Back in the day, there was something called the Digg Effect, which was famous for taking product sites off the internet when a post of theirs shared across Digg created an unbelievable surge of new traffic.

That’s when webmasters learned that wishes of going viral are all well and good, but it does your business no good when you can’t actually be online and taking orders when the big bucks start coming in!

So, if you’re aiming at a 7 Figure Product Launch, start lean, as you’re just rolling out your product launch. Plan months in advance, but move extraordinarily fast. This means, have just the bare minimum of inventory to get going, as you’re getting the initial word out about your product launch.

As sales grow, graduate from “Extremely Lean” to “Just In Time.” This helps contain your costs and ensure you have the cashflow to run the distance with your product, without sinking everything into expensive inventory, or, for SaaS, developing features that are only needed 12 months from now.

Once you get past the first 3 months of product launch, what I like to call the “CORE 5 PHASE,” then, as you’re making more sales at a faster clip, invest minimally in infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve, but never over-invest before you actually get orders or some other sign of demand coming in.

Launching your product successfully and having it go all the way for the huge accomplishment of a 7 Figure Product Launch takes careful coordination of many moving parts. Like a well oiled machine or a symphony orchestra, you have to manage this process well across all the moving parts that are involved. Don’t let your client fulfillment lag so far behind that it ruins your moment of product marketing victory.

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