How Viral TikToker Eric Howl Created The Ultimate Ecommerce Funnel

How Viral TikToker Eric Howl Created The Ultimate Ecommerce Funnel

So I’ve got news for you today, teens and young guns are now making money with viral TikToks.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or not, but the side hustle business concept is something you should definitely know about.

I’ll be going out of my way to try and collect some of the most inspiring side hustle stories you’ll see anywhere, and the one I have to share today might just blow your mind.

Here is the side hustle:

Running an ecommerce store, specifically a clothing online store.

Nothing unusual in that, here’s the cool part…

…while sharing viral cat videos on TikTok!!!!!

Or dancing videos, or singing videos…

Or whatever takes your fancy!!!!

And that’s literally what this young gun Eric Howl, I think from somewhere outta Philly, is doing.

The guy goes running on the streets, except, instead of just wasting time “chilling” with the boys, he’s got his phone out, camera ready, and he’s streaming himself, okay, or recording himself.

Then he walks up to total strangers, and does a little song to inspire them with nostalgia and positive tunes, and records the reaction.

For teens and young people in his demographic, these reaction videos are gold!!!!! They wanna see how strangers react to these tunes being belted by a handsome looking TikToker with a real mission to inspire!!

And he’s wracked up around 2-3 million subscribers on TikTok, and has a growing following on other platforms.

And on the backend of it all is the cool ecommerce side hustle, okay.

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He sends all his followers to support the channel by buying some Tees or other clothing from the Eric Howl ecommerce store, and, with millions of passionate fans, I can tell you he’s built up something already now that could be much more than a side hustle.

But I hope this side hustle breakdown gives you a neat little model that you can use to go out and start or grow your own ecommerce or other side hustle.

Whaddya think? Drop comments below!!!!

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