Is Social Media Marketing Useful For Small Businesses?

Boy oh boy! Sure the answer might look obvious:

“Of course social media marketing is useful for small businesses…”

But not so fast.

In fact, if you’d asked me a year or two ago, I might have said, “Well, given the fact that you might be looking for local traffic that circulates within a very small square miles’ radius, it might or might not be effective to have social media as marketing for your local small business.”

That seems to have been the attitude of a lot of small businesses I’ve run across as well.

But recently, I realized that almost all of the social media approaches I recommend for an online business, can have at least a neutral or positive effective pretty much for any small business out there that has nothing to do with the internet or online commerce.

In other words, even if I run a carwash in a special military zone where the government does not allow me to have wifi at all in the building for security reasons, and my potential clientele is strictly limited to a few hundred people with security clearances who have to licenses to park in the zone, me going on social media from my house to talk about my business will likely get me to at least show up when one of these people searches for service providers online at any random time.

They might not be able to actually book anything, but they now have awareness of my brand.

And if your small business is not as constrained as the business in the above contrived example, then you will likely reap a lot more benefit from social media marketing, even if your small business has ZERO to do with the internet.

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