Sell Or Be Sold: A Book Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Sell Or Be Sold: A Book Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Dear Fellow Renegade,

I’m a Grant Cardone fan, and no, I’ve never been conflicted about that. Grant’s materials helped me when I hit rock bottom as a solopreneur, along with Jordan Belfort’s materials.

Sure, Grant is brash, he’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he might even appear a little mad, but that’s just appearances my friend.

Look beneath the callous facade, and there’s a bonafide entrepreneurial genius who just wants to spread his message with the rest of us entrepreneurs.

The funny thing of course is I’m a big Jordan Belfort fan, and obviously Cardone and Belfort, despite being perhaps the best sales trainers in the world today, DON’T get along haha! That’s between them, I’ve learned from both!!

But one book I recommend for solopreneurs and freelancers looking to grow their businesses and careers is Grant’s “Sell Or Be Sold.” Here are some big lessons that can give you the edge in your market if you put them into practice:

You are either selling, or you’re being sold

A burning commitment to getting MORE SALES is often the difference between a solopreneur business that grows and one that stays stuck. As a solopreneur, nothing happens until we actually get a client through the door. All other activity is secondary to selling and perfecting the art of selling.

Sales avoidance is real. Here’s how you crush it!

By the same token, why do so many freelancers and solopreneurs spend time on admin tasks, “chilling,” hitting the pub, and anything else but actually talking to prospective clients and starting sales conversations? Simple: sales avoidance. Chances are, you’re quietly avoiding anything that has a sales nature to it in your business. Most often, freelancers feel uncomfortable and lack the confidence to engage in a conversation where the prospective client might say No. But No doesn’t kill. I recommend taking a sales course of some kind to get over the lack of knowledge that might be a legitimate roadblock to having good sales calls.

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Sell yourself first

This was one of my favorite lessons from the book: sell yourself first. Funnily enough, sales maestro and someone who Grant Cardone points to as an influence on his sales career, I’m talking of course about the sales grandmaster Brian Tracy, recommends that salespeople should look in the mirror before going on sales calls and say, “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself!” Haha, sounds a bit silly, but if the masters say it works, ya bet it’ll work for you too. So Brian Tracy teaches you to get sold on yourself, good advice. And Grant says, you gotta be sold on your own product as well. And funnily enough, Jordan Belfort says to close the sale you gotta get the prospect sold on those very same things: yourself, and your product. So, whether selling internally or externally: SELL YOURSELF FIRST.

That’s about it for what I took away from the book. It boils with a lot of self-development talk that will get you moving with the right urgency. I highly recommend you check out the book and prepare to sell yourself on all the things that matter in your solopreneur business.

To your success!!

The Renegade Billionaire Habits Coach

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