How YouTube Creator Wit And Wire Built A Phenomenally Simple Funnel For Selling Courses

How YouTube Creator Wit And Wire Built A Phenomenally Simple Funnel For Selling Courses

I came across what will be a phenomenal funnel case study for those considering an info product or course business as either a side hustle or a main business.

You might be aware of the small product I’m launching to showcase my consulting process in “7 Figure Product Launches.” So there I was checking out some other YouTube creators who’ve launched their own products, and I stumbled upon the Wit And Wire channel on YouTube.

If you don’t know Wit And Wire, they are a YouTube channel focused on serving course creators with tech and marketing tips, extremely relevant stuff for me, and so I was really curious what their funnel looked like.

What I found was a really phenomenal info products biz funnel that you can use if you are launching a course or you run some kind of coaching business.

Here is how the funnel they discussed looks like:

Step 1 – Get free organic traffic from YouTube by consistently posting videos helpful to your niche

Step 2 – Upsell your audience to a paid course that goes more in depth on what is taught in your content

Step 3 – Plus, paid ads via Facebook ads to augment sales from the organic social media traffic

This is a relatively low-tech funnel that should be simple enough for most course creators to find their way around it without spending hundreds of hours on the dreaded tech setup!

And as someone who just spent hours trying to figure out some technical setups in my Namecheap account, I can tell you tech setup is one extra detail that course creators generally don’t love. It seems every platform has a thousand little things that can trip you up.

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Now, if you did want to amp up the results from this funnel, you’d add an email marketing provider as well, something like AWeber or ConvertKit or any of the others out there. But to start off your info product, you can keep it as simple as you like. It will get the ball rolling!

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