What Apple’s iPhone Can Teach You About 7 Figure Product Launches

This might seem like another Apple fanboy post but it’s not.

Any marketer worth his salt would surely tell you that we all can learn a thing or two about marketing from Apple…

From how to blend technology with fashion and luxury, to how to create a cult-life following around a legendary founder, and how to wow the market with breakthrough products like the original Mac.

But today I want to highlight some quintessential Apple product highlights we can all take away for launching products. These will apply to #ecommerce, #course, #SaaS, and mass market type products.

Create hype, create attention

A lot of Apple’s moves with the iPhone involve creating a surge of hype and PR coverage around their product launch. You might not think you need to do all that work on PR and organic coverage around your product, but if you want a 7 Figure Product Launch, you need to get the world talking about you. Obscure products go to die. Instead, create hype, get attention. Hire an MC if you must to hype you up as the “now” thing!

Don’t let your launch go quietly into that good night

It’s all well to start with a bang, but, like the great trainer Tim Grover would say about sports and being a champion, “Can you sustain it?” Any player can have a great day, a good game, but what about six months down the line. You need to bring a long term ethos of greatness around your product launch well past the time when your competitors would have counted their launch a success and packed their bags and gone home. Don’t just have a launch that makes noise for a week then fades quietly into that good night like a bad dream.

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Your launch has to be like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”: YOU NEED ME ON THAT WALL!!

Whatever cool new product you’re launching, chances are, the market won’t welcome you right away with open arms. When Nikola Tesla introduced the wonderful AC, alternating current, that we all use today, many were afraid this powerful new electricity would be lethal. News: of course it is lethal but, used rightly, it’s also a force without which civilization would be at a major loss. So you need to educate the market what your product is all about and why it’s better than the alternatives that people are already using. Your product literally needs to be Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” screaming “You need me on that wall!”

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