There’s no shortage of great stories to spur you on as an entrepreneur. Today I have a special one. For a really great story, you should check out MJ De Marco’s account of his entrepreneurial breakthrough.

The story I want to shine a light on right now however, is the account of another entrepreneur, Daryl Deino.

Deino was an entrepreneurial young guy who had done some work in the film industry, as well as holding jobs as a social care worker and schoolteacher.

His earlier contributions only made his experience more painful when, in 2009, he was one of the victims of the economy. He found himself homeless and sleeping in his car. He endured some cold weather, fears for security and a slew of bad experiences that go with not having a secure home, but he soldiered through.

For company, he had his dog Cody. Cody, unfortunately, later died.

If the story ended here, it would be just another missed opportunity, another sad tale.

For 4 years this was life for Daryl Deino.

But the human creature is nothing if not, at times, stunningly resilient.

He clawed his way back bit by bit into the work he cared for, and has now forged a stellar career as an actor and writer. His credits include 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, and The Untouchables.

Daryl Deino today is a seasoned entrepreneur with an array of huge talents. Most of us would be lucky to make a successful goal at a career as an actor or writer, but he has succeeded at both. He’s carving his own unique story in the broad field of film and media, a story, I think, worth watching!

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This story is a good opportunity for me to send a message to struggling entrepreneurs out there.

If the vision you have been working on has not yet come true, and maybe you’ve faced challenges and setbacks, you need to dig in and have a little fortitude.

Reality has a way of falling outside of the narrow bounds we as entrepreneurs in a venture would find comfortable.

daryl deino

Setbacks are often an indication that you need to now expand your vision.

And frequently, that’s the last thing you are up to do as an entrepreneur.


Because if you’d gone in with the idea of the expanded vision, you’d have expanded your vision from the start, duh!

However, expanding your vision is frequently the only way to survive.

Think about when the Wright Brothers’ first plane didn’t fly, not in the way it should anyway.

Or when the first attempt Mr. Edison made on the light bulb failed.

These gentlemen had the perfect opportunity to say,

“You know what? It ain’t gonna happen. This is not gonna work. I’m finished and I pack it in here today.”

Anyone would have understood.

Fortitude, my friends.

If you have no fortitude you have no reason to be playing this game.

Undertaking a venture, whether art, a creative work or business idea, being an entrepreneur, is more than hard. It’s downright dangerous.

And so sooner or later that reality will come hitting you smack in the face. The only thing helping you get back on your feet and keep going is gonna be if you have the resources somewhere deep inside to take another swing.

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