Get Pumped Up: 3 Songs For Champions

You know what they say,

“Garbage in, garbage out.”

And right now I’m worried many of you are listening to the hit-song du jour and not realizing the particular mindset could be turning your brain to mush.

I plan to elaborate on that in a future post, but for now, I have something for you.

Here, get pumped up on these 3 songs and start dominating life like a champion.

Medicine, by Van Der Karsten

Van Der Karsten’s “Medicine” will help detox your mind and get you thinking creatively again. It’s also the inspiration for a science fiction novel I’m publishing soon. Listen, take this medicine.

This Could Be The Year, by Ryan Star

Ryan Star’s “This Could Be The Year” could be the song that makes you throw off whatever mind limitations you have accepted from the everyday hum-drum around you.

This song reminds you that you’re the quarterback, you are the F1 championship driver, you are the heavyweight contender, you are the NBA first draft pick, in your own life.

So stop dreaming, and get doing. The world is waiting on you to take that shot!

Welcome To The Machine, by Pink Floyd


If there’s one thing I fear as a creative person and as an entrepreneur, it’s becoming soft.

You are soft when you can no longer get up and jump into a gruelling schedule with gusto.

You are soft when you spend more time daydreaming than you spending getting your life’s work done.

You are soft when you cringe at the sight of the pain that greatness is going to cost.

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You are soft when the bling excites you more than the work.

And that’s why you need something to shake you out of that soft state.

Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine” is hardly the song to cozy you up in a soft state, and that’s why it works beautifully for the role.

This tough as nails song reminds you that you don’t get to choose what the world looks like around you. And it reminds you that the game of life comes at you with no apologies. Your opinion hardly matters if the sun will get up tomorrow and set. And even the choices you make in life are likely to be the wrong ones anyway. You might feel like you are playing in a rigged game. Maybe your competitors have it easier than you. Maybe, maybe you don’t have advantages others have. Maybe, you could go faster if only!

But do you really have another choice?

Man up and get to work.

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