5 Science Fiction Heroes That Should Inspire You To Give Yourself A Kick In the Backside And Get Creating

If there’s one thing you should take away from the stories I publish on this site, this is it.

Instead of wasting time and sitting around and complaining about how your art is not moving forward, or your business, or that your job is boring, and so forth, you need to get up and start creating your legacy right now.

To get you started, I’ve collected a series of lessons you can learn from science fiction heroes about creating work with a lifelong impact.

After you read this, get ready to run off and go create the work you’ll be remembered for. That’s what we are here to do after all!


1. Morpheus – be willing to man up and do the hard work, especially when no-one else believes.

For those of us who are fans of The Matrix, Morpheus ranks up there with the very best scifi heroes.

Calm, steady, and full of esoteric knowledge that no-one else has taken the time to acquire, Morpheus is light-years ahead of all, his fellow humans as well as their machine enemies. This allows him to set in motion the events that will ultimately deliver the humans from certain annihilation at the hands of the machines.

2. Neo – You Must Be All In, Whatever It Takes.

Sometimes it takes nothing less than all you’ve got to win a fight. Start thinking that this is normal.

To get a good result that changes the world, you gotta be willing to sacrifice yourself. Fortunately for us, not literally, but you’ve got to be willing to pay the cost.

This is the lesson you should draw from Neo, the central hero of The Matrix movies.

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Faced with a machine army that just will not yield, Neo takes the only way out to save humanity – sacrificing himself as a pawn for the machine overlords so that he can deliver the rest of humanity from certain death.

Brave New World
3. Bernard Marx from “Brave New World” – Begin To See Things As They Are

It takes a science fiction novel with deep intellectual motifs like Brave New World to really drive home the vast gap between perception and reality.

Bernard Marx slowly comes to a realization of how imperfect the world he lives in really is, despite its utopian technological social engineering. In an age in which technology rules the day, this free-think is sure to rock the boat.

We love nice, comfortable half-truths, anything to shield us from the truth.

The truth is hard to stomach sometimes, but it’s the only way to remedy situations. To become your true self, you must accept to see things as they are.


4. Riddick from The Chronicles of Riddick – Man Up and Endure The Pain

Riddick is a tough survivor. Chased by a bunch of tough enemies everywhere across space, he puts himself through hell to elude and defeat his pursuers.

If you are still a soft character in your art or business, consider watching “The Chronicles of Riddick” movie series to get used to the idea of pain.

Pain is only temporary. Manning up and taking it on the chin is the only way you can move forward in the business world of today.


5. Jake Sully from Avatar – Stop Being A Money-Whore And Do The Right Thing

It’s no good studying becoming more effective if all you ever do is pursue a destructive agenda, your own or somebody else’s.

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This is the crucial and painful realization at the heart of Avatar, a sci-fi movie that shows humanity’s attempts at colonizing the alien planet of Pandora.

Jake Sully decides to break with the human invaders and join the fight on the side of his former enemies, the peaceful aliens who call Pandora their home.

If a sci-fi character can put justice before money and fame, you should be able to do it.

You should really do yourself a favor and watch these movies in your downtime, where you’ll see these lessons more clearly.

Be the fall-man. And don’t complain. Do something about it.

Take the Red Pill or forever be a serf.

Here, the Red Pill is simply allowing yourself to awaken to the fact that you do not have to live a day longer in the artificial world created for you by convention and commonly-held limitations in your abilities. If you are artistic, go out there and start creating art.

You don’t need a badge, an approval from the president or anyone. If you have a legal mind, go out there and start working on your craft.

If you are a musician, pick up a guitar and start rocking.

Whatever you are, you don’t have to be a prisoner of society’s conceptions of where you belong in life.

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