Hey there. If you’re reading this you must be a blogger, or interested in blogging. I’m excited to give a sneak peek at an app I’m building for bloggers: NomadHideout.

The idea behind NomadHideout is to facilitate introductions for bloggers. You know how hard it can be sometimes to get in front of a famous blogger. Whether you need to ask them for a soundbite, or a response to something another famous blogger in your niche said, getting other bloggers to actually notice and get back to you can be taxing.

I’ve been there before. Sometimes your emails just never get a response, or it takes months.

These are the problems I’m trying to solve with NomadHideout. I first came across the idea that there’s a real gap in the market from reading a post by Glen Allsopp of Gaps and As a blogger this is something I’m sure I’d benefit from myself, if it existed.

Here’s what the homepage kinda looks like. Hopefully it will help bloggers get timely responses from all those requests for another blogger’s input.


The tech has been fun to build. The stack I’m using includes the Phoenix framework, alongside Elixir and Backbone.js, and ample helpings of CoffeeScript and JavaScript.


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