How To Write A Sizzling Hot Sales Page For Your Biggest, Baddest Product

How To Write A Sizzling Hot Sales Page For Your Biggest, Baddest Product

Dear Renegade,

Let’s face it, for many of us solopreneurs, selling can be a drag. Worse, selling online requires you to write those insane sales pages that just drag your creativity down. Or do they?

Here I’m going to share a process that makes it insanely easy to write a pretty solid sales page in just a couple of hours at most.

It’s based on a template of course.

But not just ANY template.

I based my copy process based on this truly insane Million Dollar Template by copywriting Hall Of Famer Clayton Makepeace, a guy who has reportedly sold over $1 Billion dollars worth of products for his clients.

The great thing about the Clayton Makepeace Million Dollar copy template is that it’s got all your bases covered for what you need to include on a sales page:

  • Big Promise
  • Glicken (okay, this is an advanced copywriting thing, you can just copy what the template tells you, it will help, trust me!)
  • Offer
  • Proof
  • Snapshot of Their Future Self
  • Eliminate Risk (What marketing legend Jay Abraham calls “Risk Reversal” e.g. “Try it without paying anything for 30 days.” “Ship it back no questions asked if you don’t like it.” etc.)
  • Add Urgency
  • Amplify the Pain of Not Buying (Sales legend Jordan Belfort teaches this really well in his Straight Line System)
  • Take the order

And I’m not the only marketer who has discovered the helpfulness of Clayton’s template. Roy Furr and Todd Brown, much more expert marketers than yours truly, also swear by this template.

So go here to get Clayton’s Million Dollar copy template for free:

It will change your copywriting experience, for great win 😉

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Yours in marketing adventures and general mayhem,

The Renegade Solopreneur Coach

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