Should I Advertise On YouTube Or Facebook As An Online Coach?

Should I advertise on YouTube or Facebook as an online coach?

I wrote the other day about the funny dichotomies in the world of marketing and business. Life gets very elegant when you learn to accept the option of BOTH rather than EITHER OR.

And this is one of those situations in the world of marketing.

Should I use Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads?

Ideally, I’d want to use BOTH!

If YouTube is not converting for me, then maybe Facebook will. If my courses are not selling on Facebook, maybe they will sell on YouTube.

Many marketers have noted how hard it is to crack into the Reddit world. The community on Reddit tends to be very insular, and hostile to us marketers.

Now, if you staked the entire future of your business on advertising on Reddit, what would your odds of success as a coach be?

By opening yourself up to all these other platforms that exist out there, you adopt a pragmatic approach that dispenses with the witty ideology, and instead has you laughing all the way Straight To Da Bank!

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