How Do I Create A Funnel For Consulting Services?

Services funnels require careful thought. You can’t just shotgun it!

First of all, your services funnel needs a few things to be effective:

  • a service package
  • a way to talk with interested prospects about the service package
  • a nurturing mechanism
  • a way to get leads to sign up for your nurturing sequence
  • a way to drive traffic to the funnel

We just reverse engineered the process by which someone becomes a client for your services.

The very last step is you actually delivering the promised services.

But before that, you need to close the sale on the phone.

And just before that, they go through your email nurturing sequence and finally decide to book a call with you.

And that is preceeded by them seeing your great lead magnet and signing up for your email sequence.

And what needs to happen before that can happen? You need a way to drive traffic to the funnel.

Put all the above elements in place, and you will have a consulting funnel built for conversion!

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