How Microsoft Is Launching Its CoPilot+ PCs Product Line: A Marketer Breaks The Launch Down

How Microsoft Is Launching Its CoPilot+ PCs Product Line: A Marketer Breaks The Launch Down

One of the year’s most remarkable product launches comes to you straight out of Redmond, Washington. I can tell you about 7 Figure Product Launches, but this ain’t no 7 Figure Product Launch.

This is the Billion Dollar Product Launch, courtesy of Microsoft Corp. They happen to be launching the all new CoPilot+ PCs, which is a product line of AI enabled laptops manufactured by Microsoft, along with partners like HP, ASUS, Acer, and numerous others!

Now, there are some notable tricks up Microsoft’s sleeves that any ecommerce, info products or SaaS biz can use to create an impactful product launch:

A big old-fashioned launch event – The launch event at their campus was a good touch, and a great opportunity to create buzz. They got a ton of coverage from the mainstream press and bloggers. I’d recommend the strategy if you have a local following and can throw an event to launch your product in style.

The story-based keynote from Satya Nadella – If you’re gonna sell, then learn to sell like the best. For a few seconds while watching his keynote, I felt like I’d gone back in time to a Steve Jobs keynote presentation. If you can tell compelling stories in your product sales letter and VSL, you’ll create a much better connection with your target audience, meaning a greater percentage of them will buy. The reason why Wall Street execs buy a Mercedes-Benz rather than a Toyota is because Mercedes-Benz tells a better story than Toyota.

Go forth and launch!!

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