How Do I Get The First 10 Customers For My New Course?

Your first 10 customers. Boy oh boy, that’s a wonderful little challenge.

You might have no audience. If you did, that’d make everything easier. Just go rally your audience around the new cool thing you just created for them to enjoy. Problem solved!

But if you’re in the second category of coaches, that you have done a lot of cool stuff with clients maybe one on one. but you don’t really have a huge audience for a course launch, you need to get creative.

One of the very best methods I can recommend for landing your first 10 course buyers in that case is simply to run a series of training events.

I’ve worked with some fitness coaches and I think for a fitness coach, since you typically have some kind of offline interaction with people, running local events might be a very good way to get people that see you in the gym everyday, interested in your new course. You could probably sell out the course launch very very quickly by running a series of 1-day events, and then inviting participants to buy the new course on the spot.

If I was a fitness coach, and I had no audience, and wanted to get my first 10 customers for my fitness course, that’s probably what I’d do!

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