Just Launch Your Course, Don’t Over Complicate Things

You know, everyone loves reading those “10 Perfect Steps To Launch Your Course Perfectly” posts. And I am in fact going to be writing one of those very soon.

But the reality is, there is a place and a time to JUST LAUNCH!!!!

JUST LAUNCHING solves many important problems:

– the buyers tell you right away what’s wrong with your course
– you discover if this is a product the market is willing to pay for
– you stop all the endless procrastinating and pretending you’re getting “ready”
– you might start getting actual sales and making momentum towards your business goals
– your customers start getting results and you start delivering real value to the marketplace

All of this does not happen if you stay stuck in endless “research” and “improvement.”

And let’s be honest, your product is likely not as serious of a matter as a NASA rocket launch. Give it a go already and see how it goes. You will learn a bunch!

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