Hello there. It’s General Tomahawk Chain Mitinery out here in the dark setting sun. And I’ve got another episode for you of how I became General Tomahawk.

Today I want to talk about one icon of sports, one of the soccer icons, the Brazilian legend Gaucho. And of course, I’m talking about Ronaldinho.

Now, there’s a lot that you can learn from Ronaldinho about rising to the occasion. And going for the goal and becoming one of the best that’s ever been.

What I want to encourage you to do will differ from everybody else. When you look at Ronaldinho, he wasn’t shy to be himself. And play a certain type of soccer that was different from everybody else.

And that’s what you got to be willing to do and be willing to do things with style. When you look at Ronald diner’s game, making a fool of defenders from all kinds of teams.

Whether on the international scene or at the club level, at the World Cup, it didn’t matter. He wasn’t afraid to play with lots of styles. He oozed style. And because of this, his game was something special.

That’s something that you can do in your field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a news reporter, you’re a writer if you’re a musician.

Whatever you’re doing in life, you can do it in such a way that you work with style and with grace. Be willing to prove your critics wrong. Because when you look at Ronald Daniel, he had a lot of critics and people that hated him.

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He was like the misunderstood genius of soccer. You got to do your thing and do your craft, regardless of what the surrounding people might think might be saying. And be willing to be the lone gunslinger, the loan ranger, and do your thing your own way. And with that, General Tomahawk, I’m out.

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