Trymore Muparinga's Parable Of The Man Stranded On A Desert Island

Trymore Muparinga’s Parable Of The Man Stranded On A Desert Island


Hello there, it’s the General. And I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And of course, I got a sermon by one of my favorite preachers, trim on Paringa preaching there.

And so actually want to give you a big lesson actually based on something he taught me in his message. So what I want to tell you about today’s motivation is the parable of the man stranded on a desert island.

And this is a remarkable story and you’re going to learn so much from this. I hope you can take it and transform everything going on in your life in this parable. So the parable goes. There was a guy that kept the side of a boat and he found himself stranded on a desert island.

He was on the desert island and struggling, with no food, nothing to eat, starving, and he was going to die. And so his one prayer to God is, God, please make people find me. Because no one even knows that he’s out.

He’s stranded on this desert island, so he’s praying. Please beg people to find me. As he went about doing what he was doing every day. Struggling and scrounging around, to pick up whatever little scrap he could eat. So that he might put off death as he went about and praying, God, please make people find me.

Guess what? The answer came in, what the answer was. As he turned back to look from where he was. He saw the little shack that he had built to sleep at night up in smoke and burning up in flames. And he dropped to his knees and said, god, you forsook me. Because the island was also freezing at night. Except that in order for people to see that there was stranded on the desert island.

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They saw the smoke, and that’s what made the people come over on boats and rafts to see what was going on. And to rescue this guy that was stranded on this desert island. So the parable here is that sometimes God uses what you think is a major problem that comes upon you.

What you think is a catastrophe is a disaster. And sometimes that’s what God has put in your life to lead you to a much, much bigger victory and to create a way to a much bigger victory. So look at yourself.

I had to take this parable, apply it to my own life and realize with stunning surprise that most of the big problems have happened to me in my own life. When I thought this was something terrible, actually causing studies of God to burn down.

The little shark that I had built to bring a much bigger victory into my life. And so there’s no need to be worried about some things that go wrong in your life that you think, oh, this is the end of the world. This is a catastrophe.

Some things that don’t go the way you would want them to work. Look up and realize that God is actually doing something more precious in your life. And you need to open your eyes and be thankful and give God the praise in all those times.

And that’s what will lead you along the path to where you need to go. And it will be something much, much better than you could ever imagine. And so with that, I hope you apply for this lesson. This will transform your life if you do it. General Tomahawk, come out.

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