A Boring Email... Snooze

A Boring Email… Snooze

Dear Friend,

Okay, this email is boring, but only in the beginning…

What an insane week, lots of war tensions in Ukraine, and talk about if this can spread right across Europe and the world.

And I’ve personally have had a rather busy, nose to the grindstone, “boring” kind of work week.

But that’s where the boring stops.

Because, if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or service business owner like me, you’re probably used to The Rat Race, or what we might call “The Grind”:

  • put a certain type of work in
  • work certain hours
  • do certain projects
  • and you get paid in proportion to how hard/how well you work

But the big tip here, and here I’m talking specifically to those of you who are solopreneurs only, is that if you could REPLICATE YOURSELF AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE, you could stop being paid merely according to how much you work.

Here are the best ways to do this:

  • Set up what business genius and author MJ DeMarco calls a “HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEM” where you train other people or hire people to perform a certain function that frees you from providing the service or value for which your business gets paid. If you’re a software developer freelancer, this could be hiring a team of developers to do the actual development, independent of your time
  • Set up what MJ again calls a “SOFTWARE SYSTEM.” Imagine if you were able to create an online system like Uber, where your system is connecting people to taxis independent of your time. Now, Uber has a lot going on, it’s kind of a mix between a HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEM and a SOFTWARE SYSTEM
  • Or you could set up a “KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM,” I’m probably misnaming how DeMarco names this system in his great book, but it IS a system of some kind anyway 😉 What if you could download your knowledge into a book or a course that people that need your help could take any time, and multiply yourself that way? You could free your income potential from how hard you work in any given month.
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Anyhow, so much for a very boring email. If you’re a solopreneur, take these ideas and run with them.

And if you need help with this sort of thing, hit reply and let me know what you need help with.

Till then,

The Renegade Billionaire Habits Coach

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

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