How Do You Get More Yelp Reviews If You Are A Local Small Business?

Getting a ton of Yelp reviews can be helpful for building your online reputation as a local small busines. After all, when consumers search online for cool local places to go, Yelp reviews and other local site reviews are what they use to judge which places look cool and which others do not.

It begins with having a successful client experience. Make sure you have dialled in your customer reception and your customer service.

If the food sucks or the place is not clean, forget it. The Yelp reviews are only gonna hurt you, because they will drive away potential visitors before they ever come by to check you out.

Then, be very intentional, by running an actual campaign to drive more business, and turn that business into fulfilled happy customers, then inviting those people to leave Yelp reviews for your small business.

Like any serious marketing campaign, this could take time. You might want to keep at it for a real 6 months or longer. Seen in that regard, this should be part of a larger initiative, not just some random project you decide to throw together on a weekend.

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