Identify Your Billionaire Talent And Your Billionaire Path

Identify Your Billionaire Talent And Your Billionaire Path


Now it’s time to identify your billionaire talent and your billionaire path. So we’ve talked about your passions. We’ve talked about your interests. We’ve talked about your strengths. Now it’s actually time to identify your billionaire talent and your billionaire path.

As I showed you in the previous lessons, the talent that can take us to billion-dollar net worth is going to be different for every person. That’s what you need to know. Like, if you see Arnold Schwarzenegger being out there, being an actor, don’t assume that you can be an actor.

Not to say you can’t. But if it’s not your particular challenge, you could waste 20 years of your life trying to break into Hollywood and never make it. Whereas if you got a great voice, if you have sung, you could have won a Grammy in year two.

You could have been the next Beyonce or the next singer you love. So I want you to spend time right now identifying your billionaire talent and your billionaire path. Now, your billionaire talent is going to be what’s? Your great talent? That is a God-given talent.

That’s the greatest in your life. That makes you, with almost no effort, the best at that kind of thing. Like if you got a talent for computer programming, many people got a talent for cooking. You’re a great cook. But it’s got to be like, out of all your talents, it’s got to be the best. It’s got to be the most natural, easiest.

You might not even be using it. In fact, most people are not using their greatest talent. So don’t look at the things you do at work or what you do in your current business. Like, in most cases, that’s completely the wrong thing. Not for making a living.

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Keep on doing it right now, but go back to your childhood. Start digging at things you’ve done. What things are your greatest talents? It might play a sport, it might be something creative. It might be something that you hardly ever do, or it might be something you do every day if you’ve nurtured it right. But identify your biggest talent.

That’s going to be your billionaire talent. Identify also your billionaire path. Now, your billionaire path is going to be combining your billionaire talent with the skill and game of business. Because to reach a billion with your talent, add the business component to it.

LeBron James had to be great at his talent, basketball. But he had to also combine that with a business around sponsorships and merchandise. Advertising deals by being an influencer. These kinds of things are the business side of his billion-dollar network. Michael Jordan had to do the same thing. Great basketball player, but he had to build a business around it.

So you might be a great cook, you might be a great singer. Kylie Jenner was a great model, a great fictional model. But then she had to build a business around that. So she combined her billionaire talent with a billionaire business plan. And the combination of those two created the billionaire.

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