Level 3 Billionaire Practical Exercise

Level 3 Billionaire Practical Exercise


Now the practical exercise for this level is it comprises three parts. In the first part, you’re going to make a list of the ten skills that you are going to need to learn to master to reach.

Do a 58 billionaire goal. So write ‌on paper, on your computer, or on your phone the ten skills that you are going to need to master. Learn to hit your 50-year billionaire goal. That’s one.

And then number two, I want you to set your one-year billionaire goal. Which is going to include one, actually learning those ten skills. You’ll make some progress on that. That’s the first part of your one-year billionaire goal is you need to learn those ten skills right away.

The second part is making some money right away. Now you might not ‌like to make a million or a billion over that one year, this next one year.

Although if you can, that’d be great, right? You got to make some money somewhere so you might be in a place where you’re starting from absolute zero. Like I did when I started out in my entrepreneurial jenny.

As I mentioned earlier on in the course, I found myself laid off from a great job and so I didn’t have the skills. So I started learning the skills. But‌, I had to make a little money. I couldn’t make money doing the billionaire-type things because I didn’t have those skills.

I had to look at it like, what do I know right now? Am I a good cook? Can I cook at McDonald’s? Can I go polish people’s shoes?

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Can I write software? Can I consult in accounting and finance? So you got to stop making some money right away. And you might have a skill that’s already low creative where you can make some good amount of money, $300,000 a year.

A million dollars a year, or whatever. Or you might ‌make it for the year. That’s completely fine as long as the first part of your one-year goal is. Actually, learning those ten skills that are going to let you do your 50-year billionaire goal. Why? Because when you have the skills, that is when the money is going to come. Because knowledge precedes the network.

It’s okay to make nothing your first year. As long as you’ve learned the ten billionaire skills. That is going to help you do your 50-year billionaire goal. Why? Because in 2-50 years, you’re going to make so much money that it will not matter that you made nothing your first year.

A lot of the people that are tycoons and titans in their first year of business, made zero. Like no money because they were ‌building some product. Building some organization.

Interning for some other billionaire. Interning for some other great company is unpaid sometimes. So don’t stress. If you will not make too much money your first year, that’s completely okay. But set it ‌you’re going to learn the ten billionaire skills.

What are the most critical ten skills that you’ve identified that are going to help you ‌do that 50-year billionaire goal? So that’s the first part of your goal for this one year is actually to learn the skills. The second part is making some money. But, you can make money, may do what you’re doing right now.

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You can come up with some other new ideas for ways you can make some money this year. That’s completely fine. You might ‌make a million, 10,000, 50,000, even 500 million. And then the other part is also realizing that knowledge precedes net worth.

So I want you to make a firm commitment to putting in time over this one year to learn all the skills. That is going to help you reach your 50-year billionaire goal.

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