How to NOT have a 7 figure product launch

There’s a lot of ways to have huge success with a product launch, whether that’s an ecommerce product, SaaS package, or info products, or other product types.

But just as Charlie Munger advised, applying the method of INVERSION is a great way to zero in on what works.

This method simply says, to arrive at your desired destination, first identify all the easy to spot ways that lead AWAY from your desired destination. Then, AVOID those directions like the plague, and you’re likely to have a safer path to your desired destination.

Applying this thinking to your product launch, you should avoid these “directions” that lead AWAY from a 7 figure product launch:

a. You have a me too product
b. You’re not using risk reversal in your offer
c. You have NO traffic strategy
d. You cut short your product launch campaigns before they have room to grow

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