Music Vlog: My Favorite Guitar Scales

I’ve played around with Pentatonics, Diatonic Scales, and the Blues Scale. Out of them, my favorite of them all is…

The Diatonics!!! Bar none.

I like country music styles, and they tend to draw notes from the full diatonic scales.

I’m an even bigger metal fan, and there anything goes. There’s guys making heavy use of the pentatonics for that darker, minor-based sound with crazy riffs, guys using the blues scales, and a lot of exotic scales and modes. But knowing the Diatonic scale and having all those notes instantly available to you will help there too, however, you want to be a bit more minimalistic if you want that darker, minor-based sound.

I’m a fan of the blues. The blues scale just sings!!!! But it ain’t my go to when I play.

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