Webinar: How To Have A 7 Figure Product Launch

To have a 7 figure product launch, for #ecommerce, #infoproducts, #Saas, or physical products, you need a LOT of things to go right. It doesn’t just happen.

Two categories of things in particular are key to highlight. You need some foundational factors to be right, and then you need the tactical elements to be right. Let’s see how this works.

A core first foundational factor is your own level of intentionality with your product launch. Many times, you might be tempted to just give it the barest of effort, and say that now the product is live, yay, you launched!

While that gets you IN the market, it’s not nearly enough, in most cases, to get you WINNING in the market. A good model to look at on this front is Apple and their iPhone launches. When Apple launches an iPhone, boy, they REALLY launch. Everything is scripted out and calculated months if not years in advance. There’s a ton of intentionality behind the whole thing.

On the tactical side, how you turn up is just as important. I recommend a set of launch tactics in my “7 Figure Product Launches” consulting process that I call “The Core 5.” Try these on for size and see how they help you turn your product launch into a much bigger thing:

1. The Incredible Yearlong Profits Funnel

This is a funnel that takes cold prospects from email optin to sold, over a yearlong nurturing process. That means one other thing: plan for your launch to run a really long time if you want a #7FigureProductLaunch

2. Cross Sells And Upsells

While it might be fashionable to recommend selling just one thing, the reality is, “the worst number in business is 1.” If you’ve got nothing to cross sell and upsell, it’s gonna be pretty hard to compete on paid traffic. Model the famous sentence that has made McDonald’s billions: “Want fries with that?”

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3. Paid Advertising

Besides SEO, there perhaps exists no stratagem in marketing that is as ill understood and wrongly viewed, both by its proponents and its critics, as paid advertising. Naysayers mock it, its cheerleaders ascribe almost mythical powers to it, and the whole world is confused about it! So be prepared to put in a lot of work to make paid advertising work, but if you do, it’ll be worth the effort.

4. Organic Social Media Marketing

We’re lucky to live in a world where organic social media has made a strong resurgence over the last 4 years. Paid advertising is not the only game in town anymore. Organic has to be a big part of your #7FigureProductLaunch and how you build your brand

5. Real-Time Launch Emails And Events

Again going back to the Apple example, they choreograph a series of real-time events and updates around their product launch. This helps create hype, news, and cultural awareness around what they are doing. This is how you want to turn up to the market for your own product.

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