7 Figure Product Launch

7 Figure Product Launch: The Promised 6 Perfect Steps To Launch Your Course

When it comes to launching an online course, many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners get caught up in overcomplicating the process. They feel the need to follow elaborate launch blueprints promising a sure-fire path to success.

However, as someone who has launched numerous successful courses over the years, I’ve found that simplicity is truly the key. The goal should be efficiently sharing your knowledge and expertise with students, not getting bogged down in unnecessary rituals and ceremony.

While intricate launch roadmaps sound appealing, they often do more harm than good. There is no “perfect” launch formula – what matters most is consistently refining a streamlined process with tested fundamentals.

With that in mind, let’s break down a practical 6-step approach that works for newbies and veterans alike:

  1. Pre-Announcement

Send an email 4 weeks before launch day to your list announcing an upcoming course. Share a brief description and early bird pricing incentives to generate interest. You can also promote on social media by providing short “teaser” lessons related to your topic.

  1. Build Your Waitlist

During the pre-announcement period, prompt interested leads to join your waitlist email list in order to receive the official launch announcement. This allows you to build an engaged subscriber base primed and ready to purchase.

  1. Launch Day Arrives

It’s time to finally launch your course! Promote on all relevant platforms and send an email to your waitlist announcing sales are live. Make sure the course itself is polished and tailored to deliver exceptional value for students.

  1. Address Concerns & Support Students
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Proactively respond to any customer questions or technical issues that arise post-launch. Having strong support shows your commitment and helps encourage buyers.

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency

A few days in, announce an impending deadline for early bird pricing or any bonuses offered with purchases. This sparks urgency and discourages delaying a decision to enroll.

  1. Close the Launch Period

Once your designated timeframe has ended, shut down pre-launch promotions and withdraw any special offers. From there you can focus on delivering your course content and supporting an engaged community of students.

By grounding your launches in these fundamentals and constantly refining your process based on analytics, you can avoid overengineering launches while still seeing excellent results. Keeping it simple allows you to devote maximal energy into nurturing real business growth over time.

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