Should I Create A High Ticket Course Or A Membership Program?

Us business people can be so reductionist at times.

  • Twitter or Threads?
  • Facebook Ads or Google Ads?
  • Clickfunnels or

And now: high ticket or memberships?

Why not BOTH?

Look at how national militaries make decisions. They don’t get so reductionist as to be “Navy or Army,” “submarines or fighter jets.”

Wherever possible, the strongest, most capable militaries willingly make bets on them ALL.

In my view, this should be your approach as a small business. Why not use Twitter AND Threads, if they are giving you the opportunities you’re looking for. Facebook Ads AND Google Ads! Upwork AND Freelancer! TikTok AND Instagram!!

And so, rather than be a “high ticket guy” or a “membership gal,” it might be less trendy but far more profitable for your business to do both!!!

You will have the last laugh, all the way to the bank!

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