Complete Noob YouTuber To 1000 Subscribers Challenge: Day 1

So I just started a live experiment to try and grow my YouTube channel, as a relative noob to YouTube, to 1,000 YouTube subscribers. This is so wild because I’ve dabbled with the platform in the past, but my random uploads to YouTube in prior years were never serious:

In fact, my early videos that I enjoyed posting were comedy skits I uploaded randomly from around the year 2020. I might have uploaded 5 videos up that whole year, and I never got very consistent, but I had a kick out of it.

I’m a fan of standup comedians like Paul Mooney, Steve Harvey, and others, and endless reruns of their stuff inspired my own early creative prank videos.

The last couple of years, I uploaded a tiny handful of new original videos, some that I took from a workshop course I created, so I kinda needed to find a home for it online.

All this small amount of posting got me to where I am today, starting this 1000 YouTube subscribers live challenge with just 24 subscribers. And a big thanks to everyone who’s already subscribed. I promise to not upload comedy skits and will talk about more, business-y stuff for the year ahead, but don’t be surprised if I bring back the original Kings Of Comedy. This business stuff is overrated.

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