the movement

Here at Towers of Zeyron I’m building a movement.

It’s tremendous fun, this whole passion and lofty ideas thing.

But hey, it would be a lie if that was all there was to it, to the whole process of starting a movement.

There’s much more to it than that. For one thing, it takes work, tremendous work.

And that’s something I can’t emphasize enough, if you are in the process of building your movement.

You need to become a grinder.

You might be the CEO, CTO, whatever type of O you want to be, but have you heard of the Janit-O as well?

That’s right.

The movement requires you to be janitor as well, on top of every other duty you have.

This is like a military bootcamp where civilization needs to be built up from scratch again.

Every real business that starts from scratch, every new scientific basecamp, every new work of art, is kind of like that as well, in my not so smart opinion.

So unless you are willing to do everything yourself before your new recruits show up, they are just not gonna get done.

Unless you can light the bonfire today, yourself, then I guess there will never be a camp-fire and a huge welcoming camp at all.

We are creatures of civilization. We troop towards signs of civilization.


A fire.

The sound of voices.

Music? Even better. Nothing screams “Civilization!”, perhaps, louder than music.

The more the merrier.

And on and on.

These things all have to be cranked up in your movement.


And you might think, “I’m just one guy, or one gal, what’s the point?”

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Stop right there.

Before there was Newton, or Pascal, or a Nikola Tesla, there was one raving mad guy in a small room or lab somewhere, with ideas in his head, a pen and pieces of paper in his hand.

To the rest of the world such a guy was simply nothing more than “that weird fella Tesla”, or “that strange young mister Einstein”.

Had these great men ever given up, our entire civilization would have been set back, perhaps centuries into the dark ages.

See yourself as an agent for change. In your hands, you hold the keys to a different reality. But only you can turn that key and unlock the doors.

So if you’re gonna create the movement, you need to engage in a little bit of before-the-fact grinding.

Stop dreaming and start doing. Even if you think you will fail.

Even if there’s no-one to cheer you on.

I never said building a movement was easy.

But it’s so totally worth it.

And you could have told me that last one yourself.

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