SaaS Mistakes To Avoid If You Want A 7 Figure Product Launch

A note for my #SaaS entrepreneurs. This is a set of typical SaaS launch mistakes you want to avoid for a 7 Figure Product Launch!


Don’t rely on SEO, it takes too long – while it’s typical to rely on SEO for traffic in software circles, if you’re trying to get results fast for your product launch, SEO could sink your launch. Sure, search engine traffic is a nice to have in the long term, but unless you have the best SEO team in the world, you’re gonna need other strategies to see results right away.


Don’t think you’re above giving a free trial – Charging upfront for your product seems like a fair move since you’ve probably spent months perfecting the software. So consumers should be impressed enough to pay fair price, right? Nope! They still need to be won over from whatever they might have been using before. A free trial is a good way to give them a test drive without committing all the way.


Don’t think marketing is for info product gurus only – There’s this folklore in software land where users come to you because your product is “just the best in the world.” The truth is, Windows 10 is NOT the best software in the world, yet the majority of computer users in the world are using it. There’s probably a better operating system out that that we just haven’t even heard about! You’ve gotta build buzz and product awareness in the market, you need a proper launch campaign. Go create some noise and fireworks.

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