2020 Election Can Online Marketing Lead To What Borat Calls Election Tamponing

2020 Election Can Online Marketing Lead To What Borat Calls Election Tamponing


What’s up with all the online marketers out there? Your man, General Tomahawk, is back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And the topic I want to talk about is up today since it’s election season, and everybody is excited about it.

The Democrats versus Trump, Bernie Sanders, Biden, Trump. Now they got Michael Bloomberg running for President as well. So there’s a lot of excitement. And for you, online marketing is a relevant moment. because I want to ask the question about today. Can you win the Democratic election with online marketing? That’s a big topic. Big question. Right? I hope this one doesn’t let me in court.

But if you look at the last election, there was the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal. Which, had to do with data harvesting and things like that. People on Facebook and Congress are realizing that online platforms can affect the vote of people. But if you go back even further, I would argue that when you look at the two cycles before of election. The Obama versus Hillary ClintonDemocratic nomination campaign.

I would argue that that’s the one that actually shows you that digital marketing does work. The Obama campaign was the first presidential campaign, to use digital marketing tools for their optimal effect. Now, of course, things have evolved since then. There are even more advanced ways to use online marketing to run a presidential campaign if you will.

So whatever they were doing back then might not work today. I guess you’d have to change it because the state of the art is always advancing. So the challenge for your online marketers is that’s the case and things are moving so big. Then you gotta keep educating yourself. But for sure, I would argue that with an online marketing campaign you can election championing. So that’s all with that, General Tomahawk Amanda.

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