Is Your Course Brand Notorious Enough Selling Your Course

Is Your Course Brand Notorious Enough Selling Your Course


You said it, man. General Tomahawk is back.

And today I’m talking about is your course brand notorious enough? Because when you go out there to try and sell your course online. If you look like everybody else, you’re gonna run into trouble.

And I think you know what it looks like. People just don’t pay attention just because it’s not interesting. It’s not exciting. So if there’s one thing you should always think about concerning your course brand, Are you being notorious enough?

Is your coast brand notorious enough? You know, and that doesn’t mean you have to go.

Why that doesn’t have to promise things you can’t deliver. You know, or sell customers on false hopes that are being notorious in a negative way.

You wanna be notorious. Stand out more, bored, allowed, and visible. If you do so, they’re gonna find that you start accessing some of the benefits that come with not being right.

That’s it for today. Is your cost brand notorious enough?

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